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The Confidence Paradox 

by Alison Jean Lester When my grandmother was suffering with dementia, her go-to question was, [...]

Thought leadership and marketing lessons from advent calendars

You know that advent calendars are big when most news media websites are running ‘Best [...]

Revisiting the scene of the crime: Alison Jean Lester’s experience of self-publishing and promotion 

Alison Jean Lester’s most recent book, Return to the Scene of the Climb, is her [...]

Lessons from a Himalayan Journal, and Others

By Alison Jean Lester When my late father, James T. Lester, joined the first American [...]

Timing is everything – Meet Chris Newson

Guest post by Alison Jean Lester   There’s a joke about comedy that goes like [...]

Personal vs. intimate: achieving authenticity without baring your soul

“Let me tell you about something that happened to me the other day…” How much [...]

Using generative AI to support thought leadership

ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) have now been around for a little while. [...]

Thought leadership in the sales enablement mix

Sales enablement is an often-overlooked part of the sales and marketing spectrum. However, it is [...]

Applying the say/do ratio in thought leadership

The say/do ratio is a term used to describe the extent to which someone’s actions [...]

Why thought leaders may need to consider ‘nunchi’

In an increasingly global world, far more of us now have to communicate and build [...]

How has the thought leadership skills portfolio evolved?

Your domain expertise continues to grow as you work with clients to solve problems. Getting [...]

Anxiety and thought leadership – ‘feeling the fear and do it anyway’

We are often asked by subject matter experts about anxiety, and how they can eliminate [...]

Jobs to be done – sharing experience versus thought leadership

If you are a BBC fan, you have almost certainly come across the Great British [...]

Studying corporate reputation: an invitation

Corporate reputation has been important for a long time. The need to protect his company’s [...]

Marius Hauken’s amazing technicolour AI tool set

Do you remember the joy of receiving a new set of coloured pencils as a [...]

Getting creative: is LinkedIn Creator mode right for you?

If you are looking for tools that could help you to grow your thought leadership [...]

Finding the balance: corporate vs. personal reputation

What is the difference between corporate and individual reputation? Or perhaps a more appropriate question [...]

Celebrating the value shared by Richard van der Blom

A podcast in March 2021 described Richard van der Blom as the Bob Dylan of [...]

The power of a personal editorial calendar—and how to get started

Inertia is a powerful thing. It is what prevents us from getting started on anything. [...]

Crafting an effective LinkedIn headline

What is the first thing that anyone looks at on your LinkedIn account (apart from [...]

More lessons from the garden: seeding, feeding and weeding your network

At this time of year, the thoughts of many gardeners—especially those who grow vegetables—turn to [...]

Mind the gap: five lessons from reputational disasters from around the world

If you search for ‘reputational disaster’, you will find plenty of stories. Some companies have [...]

Thought leadership for retention marketing

It is generally accepted that it costs around five times more to attract a new [...]

How Linkedin groups help subject matter experts

LinkedIn groups are online communities where professionals can connect with each other, share ideas, and [...]

Six essays from Karen Pierce that are relevant for thought leaders

Karen Pierce is an experienced executive coach based in Arizona, US. Her company’s focus is [...]

Jobs to be done: influencers versus thought leaders

Should your marketing plan involve influencers, thought leaders or both—or are they actually one and [...]

How subject matter experts could benefits from the jab, jab, jab, right hook technique

Social media is increasingly seen as the place to be, especially for businesses. Most people [...]

Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn recommendations ?

One of Linkedin’s most significant, and yet under-used features is the ability to receive and [...]

Leadership lessons from gardening

Nurturing is an important part of leadership, including thought leadership. However, it often goes unsung. [...]

Six reasons to engage on Goodreads

Whether you are an avid or would-be avid reader or an author in search of [...]

Using the Promotability Index to work on your self-development 

Most of us know that we need to do some work on our self-development. However, [...]

 FT Longitude’s approach to thought leadership governance

FT Longitude is on a mission to ensure that its clients’ thought leadership is genuinely [...]

Unlocking your storytelling instincts: how improv can help 

Improvisational theatre, or improv, is great entertainment, but does it really have a place in [...]

Making the most of the time: scheduling meetings more seamlessly 

When you’re working on multiple projects across several time zones, scheduling meetings can be time-consuming, [...]

Erin Meyer’s The Culture Map: takeaways for thought leaders and marketers

The business world is becoming increasingly global. We are all expected to work with colleagues, [...]

Lessons on emotional connections from Adam Driver’s Arts in the Armed Forces

  Increasingly, we are becoming aware that emotional intelligence is crucial for marketers and thought [...]

What thought leaders can learn from seeds

Seeds are not an obvious inspiration for thought leadership. Thor Hanson’s The Triumph of Seeds [...]

Can Twitter Spaces help thought leaders?

Do you like listening to podcasts or audiobooks? Is it easier for you to follow [...]

Six takeaways for thought leaders from Neural Impact’s work

Neural Impact is a boutique consultancy based in British Columbia, Canada. It works only within [...]

Using tools to improve your reading effectiveness

As an adult, it is easy to forget about basic skills such as how to [...]

How Linktree serves thought leaders

Linktree is a way to bring together a series of links that you want to [...]

How can cities use social media to engage more effectively post-pandemic?

Over the course of the pandemic, the realisation has grown among many people and businesses [...]

Growth mindset for thought leaders: Carol Dweck’s Power of Yet

Professor Carol Dweck is a researcher at the University of Stanford who studies what she [...]

Is Scribd still relevant?

In this review, part of an occasional series, we look at Scribd, an app that [...]

Using Myers-Briggs Type Indicators to define your thought leadership development path

One of the most important aspects of thought leadership—indeed, of any kind of leadership—is authenticity. [...]

Can Kred help you monitor progress towards greater influence?

Since the birth of influencer marketing, brands, businesses and experts have been in search of [...]

What action you wish your audience to take?

Let me tell you a story.  I recently came across two JustGiving pages, both set [...]

Should subject matter experts’ portfolio include Muck Rack?

Muck Rack is a PR platform, launched in June 2020. It is designed to allow [...]

Is your Glassdoor profile working for you?

Glassdoor is a digital jobs marketplace, on a mission to help employees everywhere find a [...]

How Locals’ gallery of communities pulls in creators and subscribers

Our brains like human faces. We respond to them, tracing the features, scanning to see [...]

Six Hats thinking for thought leadership

Edward de Bono first put forward his idea about six ‘thinking hats’ in 1985. The [...]

Six steps to effective expertise-driven conversations

In 2000, more than 20 years ago, David Weinberger published his highly influential book The [...]

How thought leadership adds sparkle to the tough topic of non-performing loans

Qualco is a fintech company with 20 years’ experience in over 30 countries. It supports debt [...]

It’s Always Christmas in Content Marketing Land

Since 2013, Localz has removed complexity from the last mile with mobile workforce solutions that [...]

ABM, sales planning and intelligence: will adversity catalyse transformation?

We’d intended to discuss Account-Based Sales & Marketing (ABM) with Brian Allsop, MD of Fusion [...]

My target audience is not on Twitter. Why should I be?

Thought leadership is all about building relationships with customers and potential customers. These relationships start [...]

Using the message triangle for greater clarity

Do you sometimes feel that you are struggling to get your point across effectively? Do [...]

Should International Day of Education embrace a broader mandate?

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed that 24th January is to be International Day [...]

Bringing your digital footprinting toolkit up to date

Your digital footprint is the sum of your internet presence, including social media, blogs, comments, [...]

Moving the goalposts: from SMART to FAST

Setting goals or targets are important for improving performance. This is true as much of [...]

How to Write Forewords and Prefaces

A foreword is a short section at the front of a book, usually written by [...]

Nurturing thought leadership routines that make an impact

How can you sustain thought leadership programmes that really deliver? Beyond vanity metrics, one that [...]

Can thought leadership efforts be benchmarked?

Measuring thought leadership is challenging. It is intangible, and it is also highly individual, for [...]

Geeks, thought leaders, and ideas: the rising passion for knowing stuff

July 13th every year marks Embrace Your Geekness Day. The sponsors have put this day forward [...]

What matters is only what works – seven truths about advertising in the thought leadership era

David Ogilvy, co-founder of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mathers, is the mentor I never got [...]

Defining your expertise: the thought leadership challenge

One of the questions that we often hear is about how to identify your expertise, [...]

Made to Stick – the six principles of making ideas memorable

Sometimes you need to make an idea ‘stick’. In other words, you need people to [...]

From good to great: Getting more from thought leadership

The thought leadership ‘space’ is becoming increasingly crowded. More and more companies have come to [...]

Measuring the impact of your thought leadership programme

It has always been hard to measure the impact of marketing. There is a distinct [...]

Should thought leaders use Gravatar?

We are often asked about Gravatars, and whether they are worth having. Here is our [...]

Eight reasons brands need their own speakers bureau

A speaker bureau is more or less exactly what it sounds: a list of people [...]

How metaphors engage audiences

If you have children at primary school, you may have noticed that they are often [...]

Getting value out of Medium as a brand

If you have not yet heard of Medium, you may be missing out on something [...]

What can Medium do for subject matter experts?

Medium is a publishing platform. It was set up by Evan Williams, one of the [...]

The road to hell: when intent and impact fail to align

#MeToo has had several significant effects on some very important issues. On the sidelines, it [...]

Getting personal: Design thinking and expertise marketing

New ways of thinking about design can come together with expertise marketing—our preferred term for [...]

How Wakelet serves thought leaders and digital marketers

Storify has been around for about eight years, but has perhaps taken a while to [...]

Designing effective expertise marketing

Thought leadership is becoming both more ubiquitous, and a more important part of a content [...]

Digital formats that work with expertise-related content

Strange though it may sound, not all ideas need to be expressed as blog posts. [...]

Social media platforms – a quick guide

How much do you really know about social media? If you thought it was all [...]

10 tips to help subject matter experts develop storytelling muscle

Storytelling goes back millions of years into our history. Stories were ways to remember and [...]

Filtering ideas – the constructive pushback

IT helpdesks get a bad press. The phrase ‘Have you tried switching it off and [...]

Using thought leadership to differentiate LinkedIn company pages

LinkedIn matters. It has more than 400 million users, but that headline figure disguises a [...]

Recognition, repetition and reputation

Some artists’ work is instantly recognisable: Andy Warhol’s prints, for example. Van Gogh’s swirling use [...]

The rhythm of thought leadership marketing

Thought leadership marketing is one of those terms that many use, but remains poorly understood. How [...]

Kanban and Scrum: agile methodologies for thought leaders

Kanban and Scrum are both recognised as agile methodologies, but many organisations struggle to choose [...]

The social media skills gap

In October, Hootsuite announced the launch of its social media skills academy. This will provide [...]

What flight safety demonstrations can teach us about digital engagement leadership

Customers’ preference to research before contacting prospective suppliers means it is helpful to have subject [...]

Should your campaigns integrate Meetups?

The website Meetup is a social network with a difference. Where most social networks are [...]

Quora is platform of choice for technical experts

Quora is a question-and-answer site, where community members vote on which answers were helpful. It [...]

Medium’s value to B2B marketers

Medium is an online publishing platform. So far, so LinkedIn. But it’s also quite different [...]

The 12-step thought leadership marketing program review

So you think you have a thought leadership programme. How do you know it is heading [...]

It is time to re-consider Google+ ?

If not quite against all the odds, but certainly running counter to a number of [...]

Are you keeping pace with your target audience?

You almost certainly already know how important it is to write for your target audience. [...]

Listening tips for thought leaders

Social listening is vital for thought leaders to stay up to date with what is [...]

Should your content strategy include Periscope?

Periscope is the live-streaming app acquired by Twitter within a month of launch of rival [...]

What can Pinterest do for your business?

Pinterest describes itself as “the world’s catalogue of ideas”. But can it be used successfully [...]