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Celebrating the value shared by Richard van der Blom

A podcast in March 2021 described Richard van der Blom as the Bob Dylan of [...]

Can Twitter Spaces help thought leaders?

Do you like listening to podcasts or audiobooks? Is it easier for you to follow [...]

How can cities use social media to engage more effectively post-pandemic?

Over the course of the pandemic, the realisation has grown among many people and businesses [...]

How Locals’ gallery of communities pulls in creators and subscribers

Our brains like human faces. We respond to them, tracing the features, scanning to see [...]

My target audience is not on Twitter. Why should I be?

Thought leadership is all about building relationships with customers and potential customers. These relationships start [...]

Getting value out of Medium as a brand

If you have not yet heard of Medium, you may be missing out on something [...]

Digital formats that work with expertise-related content

Strange though it may sound, not all ideas need to be expressed as blog posts. [...]

Social media platforms – a quick guide

How much do you really know about social media? If you thought it was all [...]

Using thought leadership to differentiate LinkedIn company pages

LinkedIn matters. It has more than 400 million users, but that headline figure disguises a [...]

The social media skills gap

In October, Hootsuite announced the launch of its social media skills academy. This will provide [...]

Measuring impact

Are my thought leadership and social efforts having an impact? This is one of the [...]

What social media participants can learn from dog owners

Owning a dog may not be your dream, but we can probably all understand why [...]

What makes a profile successful?

As part of your training, we encourage you to cultivate curiosity and explore what makes [...]

Getting more out of #s

Hashtags are labels used on social media and microblogging sites, including Twitter and Instagram. They [...]

How Twitter users generate better ideas

Social media is sometimes accused of blinding us to new ideas. But a recent article [...]

Are LinkedIn endorsements worth your time?

We are often asked about LinkedIn endorsements – what are they, and do they work? [...]

How fit is your social media policy?

Are you struggling to develop or update your social media policy? Take a look at [...]

Using LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index to assess progress

Social selling, or the use of social media to support sales activities, has been around [...]

All you need to know about paid social (but were afraid to ask)

When Facebook’s algorithm changed back in 2013, and users no longer saw every post from [...]

What can LinkedIn Pulse do for you?

In Monty Python’s Life of Brian, there is a classic moment when John Cleese asks [...]

Using Twitter for competitive intelligence

We’ve discussed using social media to engage with your customers, for example through Tweetchats. But [...]

Are you getting the most out of TweetChats?

Twitter Chat(or TweetChat) has been described as ‘business networking events without the dress code’. A [...]

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Dispelling common B2B social media myths

There are some commonly-held ideas in B2B companies about social media not being all that [...]

The future of social media command centres

Sprinklr has seen the future, or at least the future of social media command centres, and [...]

Where do you say it? Media, platforms and channels to choose for your thought leadership messages

This post helps you select and personalize your strategy for optimising communications channels and platforms [...]