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the convergence of research, development, care and patient self-service. An early example of ecosystem engagement

Analytics in alternative medicine: the importance of data-driven acupuncture 

Few people would dispute the importance of evidence-based medicine: that is, treating people in ways [...]

Medical concierge services set to thrive in the AI era

Around the world, private medical insurance is increasingly seen as an important element of employee [...]

A new use for chatbots: matching patients and clinical trials

At any one time, there are around 50,000 clinical trials taking place worldwide. Clinical trials [...]

Ten takeaways from the e-Health TrendBarometer

HIMSS Analytics looks at the adoption and use of healthcare IT in Europe. We assessed [...]

How far can robotics process automation be applied in social care?

Last weekend’s grim headlines included the funding crisis in both health and social care in [...]

Artificial intelligence, ambulances and ideas: a story of joined-up thinking

One of the biggest issues in a wide range of countries is access to healthcare. [...]

Is the healthcare community ready for chatbots?

Pressure is rising on healthcare systems around the world. Ageing populations, the increased cost of [...]

Highlights from DotMED Conference 2017, Dublin

As one attendee put it, DotMED’s venue, Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin, is not your [...]

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Last week saw the publication of news that a robot had ‘beaten’ a human surgeon [...]

babylon: a doctor on your phone

It’s Monday morning, and you need to see a GP. Time to get on the [...]

Digital health – budget considerations

Ten digital hospital trends budget holders should consider: Digital innovations have the potential to hugely [...]

10 things you need to know about Integrated Clinical Environments (ICE)

An Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) is a platform to create a medical ‘Internet of Things’ [...]

Bringing collaborative consumption to healthcare: Cohealo and Medstars

Collaborative consumption, sometimes called the sharing economy, involves systems for organised sharing, reusing, renting and [...]

Healthcare predictions are consistently optimistic about patient adoption of digital options

Making predictions about the future is a common practice among experts. Inevitably, some turn out [...]

The digital health of healthcare

We know that changes in technology are starting to cause huge unheaval in the way [...]

Looking from a different angle: PillCam COLON

We have often discussed wearables, whether in general in healthcare, or the specifics, such as Imogen Heap’s [...]

Healthcare’s digital future: where next for digitisation?

IT adoption has generally come in waves, across all sectors. The first, in the 1950s, [...]

A step to solving the healthcare crisis – training the developing world’s doctors

There’s a crisis in world healthcare. There aren’t enough doctors, even for the developed countries [...]

Turning health into a game: social change becomes fun

Doing the right thing is often a bit dull. In the fight between brown bread [...]

Document-sharing to increase efficiency

Document-sharing is a huge challenge in healthcare. The amount of paperwork that trails each and [...]

Crowdsourcing to solve healthcare problems

You may remember Foldit, the app that was used to persuade computer gamers to join [...]

Delivering healthcare by drone

Amazon has announced that it has plans to deliver goods by drone, to speed up [...]

How mobile apps are changing healthcare

We’ve come a long way from the days when you had to turn off your [...]

Empowering and engaging patients

What are the key changes in healthcare, and how do they affect patients? Diane Brodalski [...]

The future of scientific publishing: the role of Twitter

There is always plenty of speculation about the future of academic publishing: how will journals [...]

MedCity’s Big Health spreads its wings with Sleepio

We’ve been following the development of wearables with considerable interest. From Imogen Heap’s musical gloves [...] and Philips launch new digital platform for healthcare

There’s a new kid on the block in healthcare technology management. Philips and have [...]

Using wearables to turn motion into sound

We’ve written before about the potential for wearable technologies to transform healthcare, but somehow it all [...]

ISO IDMP: what will it mean for hospitals and patients?

Standards for pharmacovigilance are changing. It’s been a while in the making, but the new [...]

Developments in telehealth – an update

We have written before about the potential of ehealth or telehealth in an ageing world. But [...]

Hyland’s focus on patient experience and patient safety

Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, Hyland Software is a global company with more than 11,800 customers [...]

Driving health IT skills at grassroots levels

The Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland (HISI) brings together computer professionals working in healthcare and [...]

Cloud in healthcare – the future or a step into the dark?

  We have written a lot recently about cloud in local government and also how cloud is changing [...]

Peer-to-peer patient support

If you or anyone you know has ever had a chronic or life-threatening illness, you [...]

CATEL’s contribution to telehealth development

Club des Acteurs en Télésanté(CATEL), is a small organisation with a big ambition: to contribute [...]

Big data trends in healthcare

Since we first identified big data and analytics as one of the key drivers of [...]

Radio-frequency identification – from livestock to hospitals

Radio-frequency identification, or RFID, is the use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data wirelessly [...]

Sustainability in healthcare

As austerity measures begin to bite across the world, the cost of healthcare is becoming [...]

LabVantage prospers on demand for informatics

As healthcare budgets are squeezed ever tighter across the globe, many providers are looking to [...]

Spotlight on Germany

We kick off a series looking at healthcare across Europe with a focus on Germany. [...]

Lessons from FlexITy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already having an impact on healthcare, and is likely [...]

Can wearable technologies change healthcare?

Wearable technologies are suddenly on everyone’s minds. And if you’re thinking Gore-Tex®, or perhaps LYCRA®, [...]

How the Internet of Things is helping healthcare

We’ve written on about how the Internet of Things(IoT) can improve sustainability, but surely [...]

Disrupting the health ecosystem: how pharmacists can take pressure off GPs

It’s an increasingly urgent problem in many countries: the number of junior doctors going into [...]

How one hospital turned its website into a consumer magnet

Many hospitals are sceptical about whether digital marketing can really work for them. Yes, they [...]

Accelrys, BT and IBM show progress on hospital data management

We’ve written before about why hospitals need to get better at using data. In this [...]

Why e-health in an aging world is no longer an optional nice-to-have

Most people will probably be aware of phrases like the ‘demographic timebomb’, and ‘aging population’. [...]

App spotlight: Abriiz

Abriiz is an innovative mobile chronic health management platform developed by Ideomed, Inc. It connects [...]

Event review: eHealth week

This week saw the the seventh World of Health IT Conference and Exhibition in Dublin [...]

Why should hospitals get better at using data?

Around the world, hospitals and healthcare systems face increasing financial pressure. In the UK, the [...]

Should Healthcare Organisations Embrace Social Media?

Social media has taken the world by storm. Facebook, one of the most widely known [...]

The Current Healthcare Ecosystem is Broken

Although our main focus is to review IT in healthcare, it is also important to [...]

App Spotlight: SwiftPayMD

We estimate that globally physicians and/or their practices lose $10 Bn in charges due to [...]

Improving patient experience in the doctor’s office

Social media is transforming the way patients and care providers engage, monitor and review progress. [...]

App Spotlight: MedSpeak

Positioned as “critical companion for practicing physicians, medical trainees, nurses and paramedics” QxMD Software’s MedSpeak [...]

App Spotlight: Isabel Healthcare

Isabel Healthcare‘s 10-year-old diagnosis decision-support system, now available as an iPhone, iPad, and iPod app, [...]

A Tweet a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

Courtesy of: Allied Health World [...]

App Spotlight: Mayo Clinic Patient App

The Mayo Clinic Patient App provides patients with a range of tools to help them [...]

Putting patients in the driving seat: the policy perspective

On December 7th, the European Commission unveiled its most recent action plan to address barriers [...]

Event preview: Clinical Outsourcing World

Over the years of training has gathered momentum as drug developers see to shorten the [...]

App spotlight: iBGStar

Sanofi’s iBGStar is positioned as the first blood glucose monitor to sync with the iPhone [...]

Healthcare Analytics

While Big Data has been capturing headlines during 2012, the more enduring value will be [...]

App spotlight: drawMD

drawMD is the flagship product of Visible Health of Austin, TX. Conceived and launched by [...]

Widening array of mobility providers woo health care providers

Mobility is one of the hottest trends in the healthcare sector, and for that reason [...]

Why local health providers should pay attention to globalization

  Globalisation or the growth of a market through worldwide relations is currently leading to [...]

Open/crowd sourced clinical trials have arrived

How does cancer know it’s cancer? At Jay Bradner’s lab, they found a molecule that [...]

Quintiles bets on its new Digital Patient Unit

As with many industries in today’s uncertain economy, healthcare providers face a multitude of complex [...]

ICON takes flexible approach to its technology enablement

Views on the role of IT and its use in clinical research are evolving.  Outsourcing [...]

Embracing social media for clinical trials

When we looked at technology’s role in patient motivation, we saw three ways in which information [...]

IT for a patient centric service model

In our disruptor profile of goBalto, we introduced an alternative approach to effective study start-up. [...]

Disruption profile: goBalto

In the course of our research, we come across many case studies, supplier announcements and [...]

Technology’s role in patient motivation

One of the more significant findings from our “Mind the Gap” study is that trials [...]