Go-to-market models in the technology industry are highly adaptive. But this adaptiveness continues to be challenged by faster changes to customer expectations and buying patterns. The Six Revolutions team supports procurement teams and their partners in technology sales to keep ahead of buyer preferences. By combining our industry analysis, research and coaching skills, we support clients in public sector, health, financial services and technology sectors.

Puni Rajah

Puni Rajah built her reputation for fact-based decision support as a business analyst at Deloitte. Since then, she has conducted IT consumption, management and sales research in Europe and Asia Pacific theatres. In 2007, she co-founded of Governance Reviews, a peer-to-peer benchmark council dedicated to understanding IT governance issues.  She is expert at understanding enterprise software and services use and buying behaviour.


Melissa Leffler

Melissa Leffler is an experienced researcher, writer and editor who specialises in expressing complex ideas in simple, straightforward language. After 15 years as a civil servant, Melissa now applies her experience to assess impact of technology in the health and public sectors, and how new consumption models have led to different sales approaches by technology vendors.


Myriam has over 25 years’ experience in event management.She has lead the organisation of numerous successful conferences across Europe for both the private and public sector, ranging from 20 to 3500 participants, the conferences have covered various sectors and topics like ICT, health, eGovernment, European policy. Her wide expertise spans from event strategy setting down to the logistics implementation.

Jane Waight

Jane is a seasoned marketing leader with experience across all elements of the communications mix and partner marketing. She understands corporate landscapes and how internal and partner interdependencies affect marketing’s success. Jane’s pragmatic approach to strategy, planning and problem-solving is based on years’ of experience building effective customer journeys and brand experiences. 

Emily Price

Emily has been working in video and content production for more than five years. Emily has a skillset including content strategy and production, mastering many processes across planning, design, filming/writing, editing, and distribution phases.

Faye Slater

Faye is a creative and curious graphic designer with over 20 years experience. Her unique and clean designs are created on a Mac and are testimony to her passion for her work. Faye has a meticulous eye for detail and a knack for drilling down, understanding and interpreting ideas. Her design goal is to create compelling visual stories and experiences that give a voice to science and bring data to life.