Revisiting the scene of the crime: Alison Jean Lester’s experience of self-publishing and promotion 

Alison Jean Lester’s most recent book, Return to the Scene of the Climb, is her [...]

Timing is everything – Meet Chris Newson

Guest post by Alison Jean Lester   There’s a joke about comedy that goes like [...]

Personal vs. intimate: achieving authenticity without baring your soul

“Let me tell you about something that happened to me the other day…” How much [...]

Using generative AI to support thought leadership

ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) have now been around for a little while. [...]

Approaching reputation management when working with partners

Corporate reputations take time to build up, but can be lost very fast in a [...]

Thought leadership in the sales enablement mix

Sales enablement is an often-overlooked part of the sales and marketing spectrum. However, it is [...]

Getting the most out of staging a LinkedIn Live event

So you want to stage a LinkedIn Live event but you’re not sure where to [...]

How vocal improv promotes collaboration

Vocal improv, short for vocal improvisation, is the act of creating music or soundscapes spontaneously, [...]

Reputation management in the partnering landscape

We know that there are many factors that can affect corporate reputation. We also know [...]

Navigating proximity bias in thought leadership

Proximity bias is the tendency to favour people, objects or ideas that are closest to [...]

Why thought leaders need to understand (and avoid) proximity bias

As we start to move more confidently through the world of remote and hybrid working, [...]

Applying the say/do ratio in thought leadership

The say/do ratio is a term used to describe the extent to which someone’s actions [...]

Why thought leaders may need to consider ‘nunchi’

In an increasingly global world, far more of us now have to communicate and build [...]

How has the thought leadership skills portfolio evolved?

Your domain expertise continues to grow as you work with clients to solve problems. Getting [...]

How has the marketing skills portfolio evolved? 

What are the most crucial skills for marketers to develop?  There are many possible answers [...]

Influencers in the reputation landscape

Influencers are people who influence the decisions of others. It sounds simple—but in marketing, the [...]

The value of customer success in reputation build

Personal reputation is everything that is known about you: the value you have created, what [...]

Carving out dedicated time and space for creativity in hybrid work

Creativity in hybrid workplaces requires trust. Trust is important for supporting team members to contribute ideas. [...]

Jobs to be done – sharing experience versus thought leadership

If you are a BBC fan, you have almost certainly come across the Great British [...]

How the Marketing Society is driving excellence

The UK-based Marketing Society was founded in 1959, and has grown since then to become [...]

Moving from anxiety to action: how the Earthshot prize is mobilising clean tech innovators

Around three-quarters of people in the UK and two-thirds of Americans consistently say that they [...]

Studying corporate reputation: an invitation

Corporate reputation has been important for a long time. The need to protect his company’s [...]

Further reflections on nurturing trust

A while back, we looked at Andrea Howe’s work on how to rebuild customer relationships [...]

Marius Hauken’s amazing technicolour AI tool set

Do you remember the joy of receiving a new set of coloured pencils as a [...]

Flexibility on a global scale: how medium-sized global companies are embracing hybrid working

Since the pandemic, attitudes to flexible and hybrid working have changed among both employers and [...]

Finding the balance: corporate vs. personal reputation

What is the difference between corporate and individual reputation? Or perhaps a more appropriate question [...]

Celebrating the value shared by Richard van der Blom

A podcast in March 2021 described Richard van der Blom as the Bob Dylan of [...]

When trust is key: supporting creativity in hybrid workplaces

More and more companies are now moving towards hybrid workplaces. Under this model, some people [...]

Personality types, job compatibilities and lessons from the horticultural world

Overheard: a conversation between two gardeners working in a local community. One weeds the flower [...]

The power of a personal editorial calendar—and how to get started

Inertia is a powerful thing. It is what prevents us from getting started on anything. [...]

Assessing the value of B Corp certification

In May 2022, a non-profit network called B Lab announced that there were now 5,000 [...]

More lessons from the garden: seeding, feeding and weeding your network

At this time of year, the thoughts of many gardeners—especially those who grow vegetables—turn to [...]

Mind the gap: five lessons from reputational disasters from around the world

If you search for ‘reputational disaster’, you will find plenty of stories. Some companies have [...]

Flexing the hybrid workplace model: how Sodexo has continued to deliver frontline services during the pandemic

We have heard a lot about how the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in companies moving to [...]

The flexibility to choose: how Novo Nordisk is approaching hybrid working

We have heard a lot about how different companies are embracing the opportunities and challenges [...]

How the ‘call for papers’ ritual performs like Swiss Army knives for event management

We have probably all seen Swiss Army knives: multi-purpose pocketknives with fold-out blades, scissors, nail [...]

Marie Kondo’s six rules for content managers

Few of us can be entirely unaware of Marie Kondo, and her KonMari method of [...]

Will hybrid workplace success depend on growth mindset-oriented cultures?

You may already have heard of mindset, and the work of Professor Carol Dweck, at [...]

Thought leadership for retention marketing

It is generally accepted that it costs around five times more to attract a new [...]

How Linkedin groups help subject matter experts

LinkedIn groups are online communities where professionals can connect with each other, share ideas, and [...]

Six essays from Karen Pierce that are relevant for thought leaders

Karen Pierce is an experienced executive coach based in Arizona, US. Her company’s focus is [...]

Jobs to be done: influencers versus thought leaders

Should your marketing plan involve influencers, thought leaders or both—or are they actually one and [...]

Five takeaways from Andrea Howe’s trust work

Trust is the foundation of almost every good relationship. Whether business or personal, a solid, [...]

Redefining work and recreating value: addressing post-pandemic challenges

  It has become something of a cliché to say that the way that we [...]

NEOM’s ambition to be a cognitive city

Joseph Bradley describes himself as an applied futurist, author and cognitive city developer—not necessarily three [...]

In praise of UN Gapminder

Most of us have probably heard of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. They are [...]

Do your partnering efforts need the Channel Institute?

The technology partner landscape is changing fast, including the incoming wave of marketplaces. As a [...]

Measuring happiness—and why it matters

If you search ‘how to be happier’ on Google, you will be presented with well [...]

How subject matter experts could benefits from the jab, jab, jab, right hook technique

Social media is increasingly seen as the place to be, especially for businesses. Most people [...]

How Green Mountain is contributing to the world’s most sustainable data centre nation

Norway’s government has an ambitious target: to become the world’s most sustainable data centre nation.[1] [...]

The knowledge management paradox – wildflower meadow or designed landscape?

Wildflower meadows and verges were everywhere in 2021. Many councils are chosing to seed verges [...]

Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn recommendations ?

One of Linkedin’s most significant, and yet under-used features is the ability to receive and [...]

Taking cloud commerce to the next level: introducing describes itself as a cloud brokerage platform. It is, effectively, an intermediary, helping traditional IT [...]

How Everflow supports partner marketing with laser-sharp focus on performance tracking

Everflow is a partner marketing platform with a difference. It has a focus on tracking [...]

Managing the challenges of hybrid workplaces

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were predictions that this was the end of [...]

May Day, but not as you know it

You may know of May 1st as International Workers’ Day or simply Workers’ Day. It [...]

Leadership lessons from gardening

Nurturing is an important part of leadership, including thought leadership. However, it often goes unsung. [...]

Six reasons to engage on Goodreads

Whether you are an avid or would-be avid reader or an author in search of [...]

Delivering energy efficiency: best practice for data centres

Between 2010 and 2018, the number of compute instances in the world increased by 550%. [...]

Sharpening your listening skills through improv: practice suggestions

We have previously said that improv could have a place in business, and particularly to [...]

Improving the effectiveness of data centres: the Data Centre Alliance

The Data Centre Alliance, or DCA is UK-based but operates across Europe. It is a [...]

Encouraging Europe’s data centre operators towards climate neutrality: the European Data Centre Association (EUDCA)

The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA) describes itself as representing the interests of commercial data [...]

Ten noteworthy attributes of self-reliant buyers

A recent study by Televerde suggests that at least 80% of customers’ decision-making happens before [...]

How we developed the Purple Dragons Cloud Computing Carbon Footprint Index

One of the biggest issues in driving or supporting improvement of any kind is how [...]

Comparing the market: the different faces of data centre sustainability

Sustainability is one of the biggest issues facing data centre operators. There are huge concerns [...]

Trust, trust and more trust: key takeaways from the roundtable on supercharging internal communications

It is interesting that few companies have yet embraced artificial intelligence (AI) for internal communications. [...]

Using the Promotability Index to work on your self-development 

Most of us know that we need to do some work on our self-development. However, [...]

 FT Longitude’s approach to thought leadership governance

FT Longitude is on a mission to ensure that its clients’ thought leadership is genuinely [...]

SidelineSwap: the online marketplace for sports gear

Sports gear is expensive, as any parents of aspiring athletes will tell you. It is, [...]

Small but perfectly formed -how Crossflow Energy is disrupting wind power use

Unless you are a devotee of small providers of renewable energy solutions, you may never [...]

Re-thinking how we account for climate change and sustainability

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting has grown in popularity in recent years. About 90% [...]

Emotional intelligence in marketing: why empathy is crucial for marketers

For the first time in most of our living memories, we – as a human [...]

Analytics in alternative medicine: the importance of data-driven acupuncture 

Few people would dispute the importance of evidence-based medicine: that is, treating people in ways [...]

Does Envato live up to its claim “The leading online community for creatives”? 

In August 2021, Hubspot announced it had partnered with Envato, the “world-leading online community for creative [...]

Unlocking your storytelling instincts: how improv can help 

Improvisational theatre, or improv, is great entertainment, but does it really have a place in [...]

Energising internal communications with chatbots

We are probably all used to the idea of chatbots being beneficial for customer communications. [...]

Getting to grips with climate change: how Amazon’s Climate Pledge could accelerate change

Earlier this month Mateo Dugand, EMEA Regional Lead for Sustainability at Amazon Web Services (AWS), [...]

Cloud, energy management and connection: why Meta’s approach to data centres warrants attention

Back in late 2021, multi-billion dollar technology company Facebook created headlines when it announced that [...]

What is Web 3.0 and how will it impact your engagements?

Web 3.0 is the term used to describe the latest incarnation of the internet, following [...]

Understanding blockchain

Blockchain is the technology behind digital and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, what exactly is it [...]

Can distributors seize the Xaas opportunity?

Distributors play a vital role in keeping the lines between software publishers and hardware manufacturers and [...]

Rebranding and transformation: the changing face of Neos Networks

Back in 2003, Scottish and Southern Energy bought Neos Networks for over £13 million, to [...]

Making the web more accessible

It is estimated that about one billion people in the world have a visual or [...]

Affiliate marketing in the audience experience continuum: the affiliate’s view

Affiliate marketing is a term for a partnership between the producer of a product or [...]

Affiliate marketing in the audience experience continuum: the merchant’s view

Affiliate marketing is a partnership arrangement involving merchants, affiliates, networks and customers. A merchant (the [...]

Marketplace community engagement via Twitter – the Salesforce AppExchange way

A picture can paint a thousand words, but what about a tweet? It is difficult [...]

A data-driven approach to micro-markets

Marketplaces have moved on a lot from the traditional open space for a market to [...]

How modern marketplaces are changing the role of distributors—and how distributors are responding

Distributors are seldom seen, and not much heard—but in reality, they play a key role [...]

The stacked value proposition: how marketplaces can get value from competitive analysis

There are many frameworks for developing and evaluating company strategy. Perhaps the best known, however, [...]

Does your team need a ‘work operating system’? describes itself as a Work Operating System. The metaphor is quite a good one. [...]

Microsoft AppSource curates customer and partner experiences

Microsoft AppSource is a global marketplace containing thousands of business applications and services built by [...]

Boosting meeting engagement with Slido

Remote meetings highlighted the importance of attendee engagement to all of us. When you’re in [...]

Experience and the ecosystem – satisfaction is not enough

Satisfaction is not enough and the ecosystem experience Trapped or free ? Are the customers [...]

Pick your side : three types of marketplaces

There are probably as many types of marketplaces as there are business models. There are [...]

The evolution of the employee and the portability of thought leadership

There has been a lot of talk about how the pandemic has redefined ways of [...]

Three takeaways from Coupa’s marketplace expansion into business spend management

There is a (relatively) new business acronym starting to gain traction around the world. Over [...]

Making the most of the time: scheduling meetings more seamlessly 

When you’re working on multiple projects across several time zones, scheduling meetings can be time-consuming, [...]

Synertrade procurement marketplace shows modest progress

Synertrade describes itself as a leading global provider of e-procurement software solutions to optimise purchasing [...]

Takeaways from “The Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why”

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get a word in when talking to someone [...]

Takeaways from the AI translators for communications roundtable

This week we sat down with Author Mieke De Ketelaere to discuss how AI can [...]