Boosting meeting engagement with Slido

Remote meetings highlighted the importance of attendee engagement to all of us. When you’re in [...]

Experience and the ecosystem – satisfaction is not enough

Satisfaction is not enough and the ecosystem experience Trapped or free ? Are the customers [...]

Pick your side : three types of marketplaces

There are probably as many types of marketplaces as there are business models. There are [...]

The evolution of the employee and the portability of thought leadership

There has been a lot of talk about how the pandemic has redefined ways of [...]

Three takeaways from Coupa’s marketplace expansion into business spend management

There is a (relatively) new business acronym starting to gain traction around the world. Over [...]

Making the most of the time: scheduling meetings more seamlessly 

When you’re working on multiple projects across several time zones, scheduling meetings can be time-consuming, [...]

Synertrade procurement marketplace shows modest progress

Synertrade describes itself as a leading global provider of e-procurement software solutions to optimise purchasing [...]

Takeaways from “The Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why”

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get a word in when talking to someone [...]

Takeaways from the AI translators for communications roundtable

This week we sat down with Author Mieke De Ketelaere to discuss how AI can [...]

Erin Meyer’s The Culture Map: takeaways for thought leaders and marketers

The business world is becoming increasingly global. We are all expected to work with colleagues, [...]

Lessons on emotional connections from Adam Driver’s Arts in the Armed Forces

  Increasingly, we are becoming aware that emotional intelligence is crucial for marketers and thought [...]

Enhancing food security through analytics

Food security was defined at the World Food Summit in 1996 as a state in [...]

Feeding the world without costing the earth

When there is discussion about artificial intelligence (AI), it often focuses on apocalyptic scenarios, where [...]

Re-framing opportunities: why thought leaders may want to coach their sales partners

One of the biggest changes in the world of work in the last ten years [...]

Demystifying artificial intelligence: why we need AI ‘translators’

Like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more ubiquitous. Algorithms are increasingly being [...]

Five lessons from the OVH fire

On March 10th, 2021, a fire broke out at a data centre in Strasbourg owned [...]

What thought leaders can learn from seeds

Seeds are not an obvious inspiration for thought leadership. Thor Hanson’s The Triumph of Seeds [...]

Can Twitter Spaces help thought leaders?

Do you like listening to podcasts or audiobooks? Is it easier for you to follow [...]

Six takeaways for thought leaders from Neural Impact’s work

Neural Impact is a boutique consultancy based in British Columbia, Canada. It works only within [...]

How Matterport is digitising the built environment—and why it matters

Over the last year or so, as stay-at-home orders have come and gone around the [...]

National and international data centre associations’ increasing relevance

There is a paradox associated with the cloud. When companies start to grow, moving workloads [...]

Using tools to improve your reading effectiveness

As an adult, it is easy to forget about basic skills such as how to [...]

Pros and cons of bitcoin, and the environmental impact

Over the last few years, bitcoin has increasingly hit the headlines. Some suggest that it [...]

How Linktree serves thought leaders

Linktree is a way to bring together a series of links that you want to [...]

Six takeaways from Brian Souza’s The Weekly Coaching Conversation

On the face of it, a book called The Weekly Coaching Conversation is not the [...]

Quantum computing – the basics everyone should understand

There are two main schools of thought in physics: conventional or Newtonian physics and quantum [...]

From ‘emit and compensate’ to ‘never emit’: Google’s path to net zero carbon

As one of the biggest cloud computing industry participants, Google comes under a huge amount [...]

Making marketing shoppable: all you need to know about Adimo

Marketing technology firm Adimo describes itself as ‘making marketing shoppable’. It was founded in Glasgow [...]

Marketplace interviews: what we ask and why

One of the best ways to support partners is often through the creation of a [...]

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How can cities use social media to engage more effectively post-pandemic?

Over the course of the pandemic, the realisation has grown among many people and businesses [...]

Growth mindset for thought leaders: Carol Dweck’s Power of Yet

Professor Carol Dweck is a researcher at the University of Stanford who studies what she [...]

Is Scribd still relevant?

In this review, part of an occasional series, we look at Scribd, an app that [...]

Using Myers-Briggs Type Indicators to define your thought leadership development path

One of the most important aspects of thought leadership—indeed, of any kind of leadership—is authenticity. [...]

Can Kred help you monitor progress towards greater influence?

Since the birth of influencer marketing, brands, businesses and experts have been in search of [...]

Salesforce AppExchange’s leverages customer reviews for enhanced human engagement

Do you know how partner marketing can effectively transact with customers via enterprise cloud Marketplaces? [...]

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Salesforce AppExchange’s leverages customer reviews for enhanced human engagement

Do you know how partner marketing can effectively transact with customers via enterprise cloud Marketplaces? [...]

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Accelerators and friction ahead for ISVs on marketplaces

Marketplaces are set to become the most prevalent way individuals and organizations purchase goods and [...]

The Shift Project: a resource for data centres in the move to decarbonisation

The Shift Project is a French think tank that advocates the need to shift to [...]

Sage powers its partner-marketplace with customer centric experience design

Sage is a multinational software company headquartered in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the north of England. It is [...]

Event management lessons from Sundance 2021

Sundance was one of the only film festivals last year to go as planned and [...]

How HPE Cloud28+ helps eliminate traditional channel conflicts

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Cloud28+ is a community promoting cloud services and knowledge sharing. We [...]

Combating climate change: are data centres and cloud computing providers doing enough?

The information technology (IT) industry is responsible for around 5% of worldwide total carbon emissions [...]

Industry-led thought leadership drives partner messaging at SAP

SAP is a multinational software company headquartered in Germany. It specializes in software to manage [...]

Sage powers its partner-marketplace with customer centric experience design

Sage is a multinational software company headquartered in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the north of England. It [...]

What action you wish your audience to take?

Let me tell you a story.  I recently came across two JustGiving pages, both set [...]

Should subject matter experts’ portfolio include Muck Rack?

Muck Rack is a PR platform, launched in June 2020. It is designed to allow [...]

The data revolution coming to three-tier channel models

Partnership and alliance models will continue to evolve in our post-Covid and cloud-based world. Usually [...]

Smart cities are not new: learning from ancient history

Over the last few years, the term ‘smart city’ has sometimes been used simply to [...]

Is your Glassdoor profile working for you?

Glassdoor is a digital jobs marketplace, on a mission to help employees everywhere find a [...]

How Locals’ gallery of communities pulls in creators and subscribers

Our brains like human faces. We respond to them, tracing the features, scanning to see [...]

Is energy density holding back renewables progress to Net Zero?

Energy density is the amount of energy stored in a given system per unit volume? [...]

Top takeaways from Divante’s analysis of 2021 online retail trends

Tomasz Karwatka is Co-founder and CEO of Divante, an eCommerce technology company. His welcome words [...]

Channels, sales effectiveness and subscription economy

Since 2011, iChannel has been consulting and coaching companies to reach their goals in the [...]

The importance of partner-led agile lead generation

Partner marketing is often expected to adopt storytelling strategies of the brand and/or product marketing [...]

Data science stakeholder engagement: handling objections

Being able to handle difficult stakeholders is a key skill for anyone in business, and [...]

Wind River increases focus building joint intellectual capital  with partners

Wind River is a California-based software company. It provides mission-critical software, for example, for NASA, [...]

The attribution journey at Red Hat partner marketing

Mention open source, and the conversation will sooner or later turn to Red Hat. It [...]

Cisco’s marketplace for small business builds traction

Cisco has a strong focus on partner marketing. Indeed, all its sales are billed through [...]

How HalloPodcaster is riding the marketplace wave

A couple of years ago, we noted that podcasting had become much more mainstream. We [...]

Coaching vs. mentoring: finding the ‘sweet spot’

One of the questions that we are often asked is about the difference between coaching [...]

Six Hats thinking for thought leadership

Edward de Bono first put forward his idea about six ‘thinking hats’ in 1985. The [...]

Expertise driven conversations: the growth mindset edition

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? They agreed to a race, and [...]

How TechData drives demand management performance

It has been a busy year for global technology distributor Tech Data, which was acquired [...]

Partnering to maximize performance and IT ops visibility at Riverbed

The mission of Riverbed Technology is to maximize performance and visibility for any user, network [...]

The tricky art of customer centricity

Famously, early twentieth century retailers Harry Gordon Selfridge, John Wanamaker and Marshall Field coined the [...]

Microsoft Azure enjoys co-selling dividends

In July 2020, Microsoft cloud computing business Azure reported quarterly sales growth of 47%. We [...]

Viavi’s focus on demand generation is driving balanced partner growth

In August 2020, VIAVI Solutions, a US-based network testing, monitoring and assurance company, purchased French [...]

How deep is your digital mindset?

One of the biggest changes for many people during 2020 has been the huge increase [...]

Platforms and partnership: how HERE drives a geolocation ecosystem

HERE aims to build a ‘digital representation’ of the world, using geolocation data. It provides [...]

Why marketers will need to dig deeper into emotional intelligence

You don’t very often see ‘emotional intelligence’ among the skills listed on a marketing job [...]

Are your stories sticky enough?

Do you know the story of how teddy bears got their name? You may not [...]

How WSO2 supports the ‘composable’ enterprise

One of the benefits of the digital world is the way in which it enables [...]

In pursuit of partner marketing excellence

Partnerships, ecosystems, and marketplaces are on the rise. However, talking about partnerships and creating a [...]

Six steps to effective expertise-driven conversations

In 2000, more than 20 years ago, David Weinberger published his highly influential book The [...]

Knowde is meeting the chemical industry’s trading needs

The move to digital is affecting how companies do business, meet clients, and manage their [...]

Making Partnership Personal – Ciena’s Partner Network

 In November 2018,  Ciena relaunched the Ciena Partner Network, featuring personalised engagement, joint planning and [...]

Gig-driven Fiverr sees good growth

If you need a freelancer for a project in your business, the chances are that [...]

Upwork blends experiences with its dual-sided platform

It has been clear for some time that the world of work was changing. Talk [...]

How thought leadership adds sparkle to the tough topic of non-performing loans

Qualco is a fintech company with 20 years’ experience in over 30 countries. It supports debt [...]

Bridging the digital divide: IFIP/IP3 and Rotary 

The ‘digital divide’ between those with access to technology, and those without, is a huge [...]

Digital marketing during a crisis: the role of advisors

Konavi is a ten-year-old digital marketing consultancy in Munich, working primarily with B2B clients. We [...]

In recruitment it’s not about how many people you know, but how well you know people

The Future of Recruiting (Gregory Lewis Oct ’19) examined recruitment trends and concluded recruiters must [...]

If You Want To Go Far, Go Together

Agile Programmes helps MSP’s and technology vendors accelerate growth. MD Barry Turner has over 20 [...]

Managing full-service marketing in a digital world: Octopus Agency

In a previous article, we talked to Jon Lonsdale, MD and founder of full-service advertising [...]

Seven noteworthy facets of the RigUp marketplace

The world of work is changing fast. With flexibility and adaptability at a premium, big [...]

Transformation in print: Old Fashioned Business With New Ways

From a sales and marketing perspective the print industry has long been associated with traditional, [...]

It’s Always Christmas in Content Marketing Land

Since 2013, Localz has removed complexity from the last mile with mobile workforce solutions that [...]

How Spotify, Dropbox, and Trello boost subscription revenue

In 2019 the average American spent $640 on subscription services. Subscriptions come in so many [...]

What’s driving B2B and internal enterprise marketplaces?

The way we organise work has been changing for some time. Hierarchical systems have been [...]

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Is RIO setting the bar for better trucking capacity management?

How we work is changing every day—and not just as a result of COVID-19. The [...]

ABM, sales planning and intelligence: will adversity catalyse transformation?

We’d intended to discuss Account-Based Sales & Marketing (ABM) with Brian Allsop, MD of Fusion [...]

How Mirakl is using enterprise marketplaces to scale 

There have been huge changes to the way we work in recent weeks, months and [...]

Doing It By the Book – Building Brand for the Digital World

Valitor is an international payment solutions company, founded as Visa Iceland in 1983 and expanded [...]

Marketing takeaways from the #miagehnonline hackathon

On March 13th 2020 the German government closed all businesses for an unspecified time, in [...]

The Full-Service Agency is Dead – Long Live the Full-Service Agency

Full-service agencies are advertising agencies that cover all aspects of advertising and promotion. Their death [...]

Hybrid events and content ecosystems – how experience agencies are adapting

George P Johnson (GPJ) is one of the oldest brand experience agencies, founded in 1914. [...]

Facebook Marketplace is becoming attractive to B2B stakeholders too

In a world that is increasingly digital, many companies are turning to marketplaces as a [...]

How a pandemic accelerated the re-invention of a small community

Sant’Agata di Esaro, in Cosenza in Southern Italy, is not a name usually associated with [...]

Business lessons from tree cathedrals

In 1918, a man called Edmund Blyth returned from the battlefields of the First World [...]