A couple of years ago, we noted that podcasting had become much more mainstream. We thought it seemed likely to be an important marketing channel in the future, as more people start to listen to podcasts. It seems that our prediction was right. Back in 2018, around 25% of people in the US were listening to podcasts at least monthly. Figures this year suggest that this has increased by around 20 million, to 32% of the population. More than half of the US population over the age of 12 has listened to at least one podcast, and podcasting’s popularity has also grown elsewhere in the world.

All this has, indeed, meant that podcasting has become a more important marketing channel. Businesses spent nearly $500 million on podcast advertising in 2018—but advertising is not the only issue. Podcasts are also an important way for thought leaders to make themselves heard digitally. They lend themselves well to the concept of telling stories, including through interviews. What’s more, podcasts are the ‘gift that keeps on giving’. They are available via the podcast itself, extending reach. However, thought leaders can also share the recording via their own social media, giving them new and original content in an alternative form. 

With over 750,000 podcasts out there, it can be hard to select the right podcast to approach. Contacting the hosts of successful podcasts can also be a daunting prospect. Some companies, such as Mastercard, have got round this by establishing their own podcast, but what about those without this option?

One German company, HalloPodcaster, has spotted this gap in the market. It is riding the wave of both marketplaces and the need for thought leaders to make themselves heard. It was set up in April 2020 by Jan Schulze-Siebert, a digital marketing expert and programmer with an interest in marketplaces, and Anika Bors, founder of a podcast agency. 

HalloPodcaster is a marketplace for podcasters, experts and advertisers

HalloPodcaster brings together podcasters looking for interviewees, and experts looking for a suitable platform to showcase their expertise. As a side bonus, podcasters can also connect with potential advertisers, helping them to make money from podcasting. The website is simple to navigate, with a separate front page for experts and podcasters. The profiles for each are divided into categories such as marketing, business, coaching, and society to make searching easier. 

HalloPodcaster offers both free and paid membership options

Both experts and podcasters can register for free with HalloPodcaster. They can then create a profile, find suitable experts or podcasters and connect. However, the company also offers Premium and Premium Plus membership options, which provide more services. Premium membership gives priority in listings, and allows users to place searches—effectively advertisements setting out what they want from a podcaster or guest. It allows users to include more information on their profile, such as links to their websites, or audio files. Users also gain the option to be listed in more than one category. Premium Plus members are actively marketed by the company, and promoted via social media.

HalloPodcaster launched simply, but has since upgraded—with more to come

The original HalloPodcaster was an extremely simple product. The site was controlled and upgraded by the two founders themselves. This kept the costs down while they checked that the concept was viable. The response from the podcast and expert communities, however, made clear that something more was needed. HalloPodcaster 2.0 was launched, with the ability to log in and create and update profiles. It is also possible to network directly with others on the site, and a chat function is promised for the future.

HalloPodcaster also offers advice to both podcasters and experts via its blog

HalloPodcaster is more than just a marketplace. Drawing on both Jan and Anika’s expertise, the blog offers advice and support to both experts and podcasters to help them get the most out of each other and the site. Articles include advice for experts and podcasters on how to pitch to (other) podcasters, and how to be a good podcast interview guest. Podcasters can also find out more about finding good podcast guests, and how to use advertising. Finally, the blog enables Jan and Anika to highlight new site features to users. Users benefit from articles on issues such as getting the most out of your HalloPodcaster profile, including how to use the additional functions offered by Premium and Premium Plus membership.

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