Microsoft AppSource is a global marketplace containing thousands of business applications and services built by industry-leading software providers. You can think of AppSource as an app store for all Microsoft products, visible for all publicly on the internet. AppSource was launched by Microsoft in 2016 and Microsoft’s vision for AppSource is to be a central hub for all the business applications you need. 

On AppSource you can find, try, buy, and deploy the business software and services that help you run your business. There are two kinds of apps on AppSource: 

  • Apps which is an extension of your existing Microsoft product. Sometimes they are also referred to as Extensions or App Extensions. Apps can be single purpose feature, like a mapping tool or address verification in Office or Dynamics 365. Apps can also be a full module with a set of functionalities for example for warehouse management or shipping. 
  • Solution Apps are covering larger industry solutions. An example is a Professional Services solution for Dynamics 365. Solutions Apps are developed by a third-party vendor or Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

All apps are built for either Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power BI, or Power Apps. You can also find consulting services from Microsoft partners related to Dynamics 365, PowerApps and Power BI on AppSource.

The marketplace allows developers to bring new apps to a single place where customers and partners can shop from trusted vendors. It is open to anyone and used by a multitude of different types of users:

  • Independent software vendors (ISVs) from all over the world use AppSource to present their solutions. With a Microsoft developer account, a developer can submit apps to Microsoft marketplaces such as the Microsoft Store, Office Store, Azure Marketplace and AppSource. The apps go through an intensive validation process to ensure that they are ready for one of Microsoft’s solutions.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners use AppSource to present their add-ons or app extensions and give customers and partners a better insight into the availability of relevant standard solutions. 
  • Microsoft Resellers (VARs) use insights from the AppSource Business App to create successful projects. 
  • Customers or business users find and try software as a service (SaaS) apps developed by Microsoft and its partners. Users can search by industry, functionality, or application before using or buying the entire software suite.

Most applications are offered for businesses to try out but there are also offers for a free trial for a test run to see if the app adds new features to an existing business application. To test an app, free trial or to get in touch with the partner behind the app or service you need to register for an account on AppSource.

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It’s like using an app on your smartphone or tablet

You can find and load an app instantly on AppSource. It’s very similar to using an app from an app-store on a smartphone or tablet. You search and find something you’d like to try, click a button, and it deploys directly to your application.

Read customer testimonials before try or buy

Like on other app-stores each app on AppSource gets ratings and reviews from users. In addition, AppSource also provides customer testimonials for some industries to help evaluate new applications and help find the right solutions for manufacturing, financial services, retail, professional services and automotive. 

Partners get increased customer exposure

Microsoft has recently made it easier for customers to discover and contact partners on AppSource by integrating a Solution Provider Search. This makes it easier for partners to benefit from the exposure to the millions of cloud customers visiting Microsoft AppSource on a monthly basis.

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