Kanban and Scrum: agile methodologies for thought leaders

Kanban and Scrum are both recognised as agile methodologies, but many organisations struggle to choose [...]

Increasing role of artificial intelligence in city administration

Cities can use artificial intelligence and analysis of data in a number of ways to [...]

The impact of culture and language on social media efforts

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by students in countries where English [...]

How AWS picked the 2016 winning cities of ‘City on a Cloud’

Regular readers of this website will know that we are big fans of awards, particularly [...]

Can hackathons be part of the social marketer’s toolkit?

Hackathons are a way to bring together groups to work intensively on a software project [...]

The social media skills gap

In October, Hootsuite announced the launch of its social media skills academy. This will provide [...]

What flight safety demonstrations can teach us about digital engagement leadership

Customers’ preference to research before contacting prospective suppliers means it is helpful to have subject [...]

Should your campaigns integrate Meetups?

The website Meetup is a social network with a difference. Where most social networks are [...]

Quora is platform of choice for technical experts

Quora is a question-and-answer site, where community members vote on which answers were helpful. It [...]

Medium’s value to B2B marketers

Medium is an online publishing platform. So far, so LinkedIn. But it’s also quite different [...]

Data centres doing Twitter right

Social media is an essential tool for data centres. It enables you to put a [...]

Community marketing is one of many untapped B2B gems

Community marketing is simply engaging customers (and prospects) in conversation, to find out what they [...]

4 reasons data centres need social media

If you have been directed here from this week’s newsletter, the article you are looking [...]

Green data centres are still work-in-progress

Environmental friendliness has become a bit less ‘cool’ recently, with governments around the world shying [...]

The 12-step thought leadership marketing program review

So you think you have a thought leadership programme. How do you know it is heading [...]

It is time to re-consider Google+ ?

If not quite against all the odds, but certainly running counter to a number of [...]

How mature are your account based marketing practices?

Account-based marketing is, broadly speaking, marketing that is focused and targeted towards each lead or [...]

Are you keeping pace with your target audience?

You almost certainly already know how important it is to write for your target audience. [...]

The art of influencer marketing

Press, analysts and now influencers? As digital platforms make it easier than ever for information [...]

Lead nurturing should embrace changing digital experiences

Lead nurturing is the process of bringing a lead from the initial point of interest [...]

Listening tips for thought leaders

Social listening is vital for thought leaders to stay up to date with what is [...]

Should your content strategy include Periscope?

Periscope is the live-streaming app acquired by Twitter within a month of launch of rival [...]

Social tools are re-shaping the organisation

It is logical to think that social tools might benefit an organisation. After all, they [...]

Is lead management keeping up with digital possibilities?

Lead management in B2B includes both generating sales leads, and following them up and closing [...]

What can Pinterest do for your business?

Pinterest describes itself as “the world’s catalogue of ideas”. But can it be used successfully [...]

So you plan to live-tweet an event

Live tweeting is a key part of generating a buzz about an event, and crucial [...]

What can Reddit do for your campaigns?

Are you on Reddit? Should you be? It has been described as ‘the front page [...]

Can artificial intelligence deliver greener data centres?

Green data centres are perhaps best described as ‘work in progress’. But the drive towards [...]

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Last week saw the publication of news that a robot had ‘beaten’ a human surgeon [...]

Measuring impact

Are my thought leadership and social efforts having an impact? This is one of the [...]

Developing an effective people strategy

One of the most pressing issues facing Data Centre management today is ready access to [...]

It’s still about skills

A recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 75% of companies surveyed were [...]

Impulse drive: humanity in the B2B buying cycle

As consumers, we understand impulse buying; it happens as a result of an emotional connection [...]

What social media participants can learn from dog owners

Owning a dog may not be your dream, but we can probably all understand why [...]

B2B marketers should consider Instagram

Instagram. Pretty pictures of food, right? But there is so much more that B2B marketers [...]

What makes a profile successful?

As part of your training, we encourage you to cultivate curiosity and explore what makes [...]

Make every meeting count

A CIA manual published in 1944, and rediscovered recently, sets out simple ways to sabotage [...]

Don’t let KPIs get in the way of good conversations

I’ll confess, this post was triggered by Jack Welch’s Go Ahead, Talk About Politics at [...]

Don’t let measurement get in the way of good conversations

I’ll confess, this idea has been triggered by Jack Welch’s Go Ahead, Talk About Politics at [...]

Why you should never be too busy to learn

For years, being busy has been a badge of honour among senior executives and managers.  [...]

Are datacentres losing the war for talent?

The second Cassini Club Roundtable themed “Stone Age Thinking, Second Machine Age Challenges” was held on Wednesday [...]

Datum bets on carrier and cloud neutrality

Datum develops ‘business critical data centres’ which are designed for service providers and large corporations. [...]

Comments are an important part of the conversation

Markets are conversations. Digital conversations have many similarities with in-person conversations. For sustainable relationships to [...]

MyLoc expands portfolio

myLoc is a specialist colocation services and web hosting provider based in Düsseldorf, Germany. In [...]

Keyyo builds on new services

Keyyo is a French provider of converged telephony services that specialises in all-inclusive, integrated telephone solutions [...]

Lefdal Mine proves location need not be an issue

Lefdal Mine is a brand new entrant to the Norwegian data centre market whose vision is [...]

Comarch bets on a mixed portfolio

Comarch is a major Polish IT services provider with significant global reach. It predominantly specialises in [...]

TDC Hosting builds on trust

The TDC Group is Denmark’s biggest telecommunications provider and former national telco. It is TDC’s [...]

Is your data centre skills audit fit for purpose?

As part of the preparation for our upcoming Cassini Club Roundtable on skills, we have [...]

Green Mountain satisfies CSR needs

Green Mountain Data Centres AS is a wholesale colocation space provider based in Norway. It [...]

High performance transformation with Scrum

The Scrum process is more commonly known as a software development approach that is designed to [...]

Digital Realty expands portfolio

Digital Realty specialises in creating high-tech data centre real estate and operates by either buying [...]

Hydro66 delivers agility without the carbon footprint

Hydro66 is a new pure colocation provider that offers highly secure but fully flexible space [...]

Why sharing what you learn is a constructive habit

Learning can be a very personal journey. But there can also be a lot of [...]

DTS Systeme partners for results

DTS Systeme specialises in delivering tailored cloud computing services and IT security to the small and [...]

Plutex supports SMEs

Plutex GmbH is a German provider of colocation and managed services catering predominantly to the small [...]

Contabo drives value

Contabo GmbH started out as a web hosting provider when it was founded in 2003 but [...]

Dataplex wins with bespoke offerings

Dataplex is a new provider of multi-tenancy wholesale data centre space in Ireland, with further new [...]

Brightsolid Aims High

brightsolid is an established Scottish data centre operator that specialises in private cloud provision and application [...]

B2B marketers re-discover Facebook

The received wisdom that Facebook is no good for B2B marketing is being challenged. A [...]

Volta prioritises location

Volta Data Centres provides colocation services from one tier-III standard data centre in the heart of [...]

Unsung heroes – the cabling practices

Data centre cabling can be the poor cousin of other, flashier aspects of installation. But [...]

Time to review (again) your employee advocacy stance

We expect employee advocacy to be a source of many client inquiries in 2016, so [...]

Should you join eco?

We recently commented that five EU data centre industry bodies had come together to try [...]

Memset bets on diverse customers

Memset is a UK hosting company that offers green cloud and virtual hosting services to the [...]

Is your writing supporting your social objectives?

Writing is a skill like any other: it can be learnt and developed. It seems [...]

Optimum Data Centres leads with industry specific focus

Optimum Data Centres is a new entrant to the UK data centre market but it brings [...]

B2B marketers need to up their mobile game

Mobile is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing. B2B marketing teams have been slow [...]

LDEX navigates growth options

LDeX (London Data Exchange) offers flexible colocation space, connectivity and data streaming media satellite services from [...]

BMIT provides a good base in Malta

BMIT is a Maltese provider of cloud, colocation, virtual hosting and managed services to a range [...]

Verizon’s enterprise business still uncertain

Verizon is a major American telecommunications firm and America’s largest wireless network provider. In 2011, Verizon [...]

Citadel100 expands with confidence

Citadel100 is an Irish company that provides an extensive range of data centre services to Irish [...]

Rackspace focuses on Fortune 100

Rackspace specialises in offering managed services, hybrid and cloud hosting to businesses all over the globe. [...]

DDA focuses on specifics

As part of our series on industry bodies relevant to European data centres, we now [...]

Why sales operations continue to rise in significance

What marketers need to understand about sales operations Sales operations has been around a while—since [...]

Everest Data Centres flexes for changing economic outlook

Everest Data Centres offers low cost, highly resilient colocation services with a range of value added [...]

Etix Everywhere broadens horizon

Etix Everywhere is a Luxembourg-based company that offers two distinct data centre services – colocation [...]

Six Degrees rides on investor confidence

Six Degrees is a modern new company that offers data centre services covering colocation, cloud, IP [...]

Pulsant profits from pay-as-you-go

Pulsant is a well-regarded UK based provider of colocation, cloud and managed services, which include [...]

Data centre industry makeover

Purple Dragons partner Jahri Stefan Norberg went along to the Paris launch last week to find out [...]

Internap takes pride in agility

Internap provides high level internet infrastructure services to the global business market from a network of [...]

Fiducia continues to focus on financial services

Fiducia & GAD IT AG is a German IT company that specialises in data centre [...]

Indra Sistemas goes global

Indra Sistemas S.A. is a long-established Spanish multinational IT solutions and consultancy provider with activities in [...]

Getting more out of #s

Hashtags are labels used on social media and microblogging sites, including Twitter and Instagram. They [...]

Proximus positions for growth in Benelux

The Proximus Group is the former national telecoms company for Belgium, Belgacom, and is a [...]

How Twitter users generate better ideas

Social media is sometimes accused of blinding us to new ideas. But a recent article [...]

Data facilities stays affordable

Data Facilities BV is the data centre branch of US/Dutch ISP Netrouting. It offers a selection [...]

Bison stays true to Swiss SMEs

Bison IT Services AG is an IT infrastructure and cloud solutions provider based in Switzerland. [...]

Keppel focuses on mission critical workloads

Keppel Data Centre REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust sponsored by Keppel T&T. It purchases [...]

Safenames keeps local focus

Safenames is a leading global domain name registration company that specialises in corporate domain portfolio [...]

Tiscali creates sustainable SME sweet spot

Tiscali SpA is an Italian company that offers a range of telecom and internet services to [...]

Data centre risk management

If you need to understand data centre risk management quickly, then look no further. We [...]

Eir drives colocation and cloud options

Eir Business is the trading name of the largest communications company in Ireland, Eircom Limited. It [...]

TDF eyes regional expansion

The TDF Group is one of France’s biggest communications and broadcasting infrastructure providers and is [...]

What established brands can learn from growth hacking

  Growth hacking may just be the latest thing in marketing. As the name suggests, [...]

Virtus tries to stand out from the colocation crowd

Virtus is a 7 year old pure-play data centre owner and operator with a strong [...]

Euclyde serves businesses in the South of France

Euclyde designs, builds and operates high density data centres in France. It also offers consultancy [...]

Should you be on Xing?

Xing is effectively the German version of LinkedIn. We had a look to see what [...]

Are LinkedIn endorsements worth your time?

We are often asked about LinkedIn endorsements – what are they, and do they work? [...]

Cancom sees consultancy as data centre driver

Cancom SE provides IT infrastructure, consulting and cloud-based services to commercial customers both at home [...]