How to organise a tweetchat

A tweetchat is a live Twitter event with questions focused around a particular topic. They [...]

Getting in tune with the seasons: why cycles matter

Living in cities as so many of us do, it is easy to lose touch [...]

Sustaining innovation: the role of accelerators

There are a number of challenges in innovating, both as a start-up and as an [...]

The enduring strength of Net Promoter Scores

You may or may  not be aware of the concept of Net Promoter Score, but [...]

Augmented reality in the experiential marketing mix

Experiential marketing is all about creating experiences involving brands and consumers. These experiences are now [...]

How to Write Forewords and Prefaces

A foreword is a short section at the front of a book, usually written by [...]

Nurturing thought leadership routines that make an impact

How can you sustain thought leadership programmes that really deliver? Beyond vanity metrics, one that [...]

How The Good Law Project is igniting participation in the legal landscape

New models of work and funding are changing business all around the world. Crowdsourcing in [...]

Can thought leadership efforts be benchmarked?

Measuring thought leadership is challenging. It is intangible, and it is also highly individual, for [...]

Geeks, thought leaders, and ideas: the rising passion for knowing stuff

July 13th every year marks Embrace Your Geekness Day. The sponsors have put this day forward [...]

Why every (market) research project should start with a strong hypothesis

At school, if you studied science, you probably came across the concept of a research [...]

What every tech practitioner should know about the IFIP

IFIP is the International Federation for Information Processing. By its own admission, and according to [...]

Crossing the AI chasm: risk, enthusiasm and a way to move forward

When it comes to introducing artificial intelligence (AI), there is a gulf opening up in [...]

Medical concierge services set to thrive in the AI era

Around the world, private medical insurance is increasingly seen as an important element of employee [...]

The genius of What Three Words

Three words can make a huge difference. Some would say that three-word combinations are amongst [...]

The collaboration paradox

It is often said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. [...]

What matters is only what works – seven truths about advertising in the thought leadership era

David Ogilvy, co-founder of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mathers, is the mentor I never got [...]

The second coming of podcasting

The growth of podcasting started gently. There was no huge hype, no rushing to jump [...]

Defining your expertise: the thought leadership challenge

One of the questions that we often hear is about how to identify your expertise, [...]

A new use for chatbots: matching patients and clinical trials

At any one time, there are around 50,000 clinical trials taking place worldwide. Clinical trials [...]

Made to Stick – the six principles of making ideas memorable

Sometimes you need to make an idea ‘stick’. In other words, you need people to [...]

From good to great: Getting more from thought leadership

The thought leadership ‘space’ is becoming increasingly crowded. More and more companies have come to [...]

Corporate mentoring programmes rise in the digital economy

Corporate mentoring programmes are making something of a comeback. They help to ensure that knowledge [...]

Ten things B2B marketers should know about experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is creating experiences involving brands and consumers, and it is rapidly moving into [...]

Can OVH be a global contender?

OVH is a French cloud service provider, founded in 1999 in an attempt to offer [...]

How is social media reshaping corporate reputation?

We can now communicate far faster, with far more people, than has ever been possible [...]

Unlocking the magic across silos 

Suppose your local garage, which supplied your car and now deals with its ongoing maintenance, [...]

How IoT creates new value – the high fashion way

The Internet of Things and the world of luxury goods and fashion do not, on [...]

Nine reasons we need International Day of Women and Girls in Science

February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Surely, you cry, we [...]

A question of value: should events and conferences be free or pay-to-attend?

When you are organising a major external event or conference, one big question to consider [...]

Are digital channels redefining connected societies?

It is sometimes said that everything in life is connected by six or fewer steps. [...]

The John Lewis business model may just be the future for the digital economy

There is a new advertisement that has provoked a storm of comments, both positive and [...]

Ten takeaways from the e-Health TrendBarometer

HIMSS Analytics looks at the adoption and use of healthcare IT in Europe. We assessed [...]

5 questions you need to answer before you can start organising an event

So you’ve been asked to organise an event for your organisation? Before you can do [...]

Measuring the impact of your thought leadership programme

It has always been hard to measure the impact of marketing. There is a distinct [...]

Sleeping out for Byte Night

Corporate social responsibility is a bit of a difficult term. To some people, it means [...]

Diversity and the coming the digital economy

 It has been clear for many years now that a more diverse group will make [...]

Re-imagining sustainable urban life

What does urban life mean at the end of the second decade of the 21st [...]

Should thought leaders use Gravatar?

We are often asked about Gravatars, and whether they are worth having. Here is our [...]

Will time-banking be more influential in the AI-driven era?

Over the next couple of decades, artificial intelligence (AI) systems are expected to change the [...]

Federate your team – 7 ways to make sure your event management is properly resourced

No one person could ever manage to organise a full-scale event on their own. Event [...]

Eight must-haves in an effective content brief

As content marketing becomes more ubiquitous, a few challenges are emerging. Perhaps the most compelling [...]

How far can robotics process automation be applied in social care?

Last weekend’s grim headlines included the funding crisis in both health and social care in [...]

Six tactics to optimise signage at your event

Signage is often overlooked in event organisation and management, but it can be an important [...]

Eight reasons brands need their own speakers bureau

A speaker bureau is more or less exactly what it sounds: a list of people [...]

How metaphors engage audiences

If you have children at primary school, you may have noticed that they are often [...]

7 reasons invitation-only audience acquisition could be a better option for your next event

Attendance by invitation-only events sound very exclusive. However, when the event is expected to deliver [...]

8 factors to consider when recruiting speakers for your event

  What matters in event planning and management? Perhaps the most important part of any [...]

Getting value out of Medium as a brand

If you have not yet heard of Medium, you may be missing out on something [...]

What can Medium do for subject matter experts?

Medium is a publishing platform. It was set up by Evan Williams, one of the [...]

Getting the most out of Skills You Need

Few of us these days have the luxury of ‘being sent on a course’ when [...]

Old world, new world: the changing face of work

There is general agreement that the world of work is going to change enormously over [...]

The road to hell: when intent and impact fail to align

#MeToo has had several significant effects on some very important issues. On the sidelines, it [...]

Getting personal: Design thinking and expertise marketing

New ways of thinking about design can come together with expertise marketing—our preferred term for [...]

Getting media relations right for your events

It is a simple fact that you cannot adequately publicise a major event without press [...]

Can HR master the talent:process equilibrium?

Across organizations and in general, there is a growing realization that people are probably the [...]

The maturity journey: How influencer marketing is becoming more thoughtful

Influencer marketing was—like so many other ideas in the past—billed as the next big thing [...]

Hungerithm: a story of artificial intelligence, anger, and a chocolate bar

Marketing is becoming increasingly data-driven. More and more companies are turning to analytics and insights, [...]

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Understanding event sponsorship dynamics

Getting sponsors to help finance your event is common practice. It is, however, not necessarily [...]

How Wakelet serves thought leaders and digital marketers

Storify has been around for about eight years, but has perhaps taken a while to [...]

Artificial intelligence, ambulances and ideas: a story of joined-up thinking

One of the biggest issues in a wide range of countries is access to healthcare. [...]

AI in clothes: The Open Style Lab way

  Technology as a part of fashion and technology and fashion as a force for [...]

Is content intelligence just another buzz-phrase, or does it have real bite?

Move over content marketing, here comes content intelligence. Some marketers are calling it the hottest [...]

Designing effective expertise marketing

Thought leadership is becoming both more ubiquitous, and a more important part of a content [...]

Is gamification finally finding its stride with business operations?

Gamification is the use of games to encourage particular behaviours, such as an app that [...]

Re-thinking organisations: time for self-service decisions

The benefits of ‘intrapreneurs’, self-organisation and innovation labs have forced many companies to rethink how [...]

To run or to pass? Speed, trust and agility in a digitally-driven world

One of the phrases often heard in management meetings is ‘run with the ball’. Sometimes [...]

Digital formats that work with expertise-related content

Strange though it may sound, not all ideas need to be expressed as blog posts. [...]

Social media platforms – a quick guide

How much do you really know about social media? If you thought it was all [...]

10 tips to help subject matter experts develop storytelling muscle

Storytelling goes back millions of years into our history. Stories were ways to remember and [...]

Filtering ideas – the constructive pushback

IT helpdesks get a bad press. The phrase ‘Have you tried switching it off and [...]

Re-thinking sustainability

What exactly do we mean by ‘sustainability’? It used to be clear: the focus was [...]

Closing the divide: from follower to leader in content globalisation

Content marketing is now mainstream. Everyone is doing it, and everyone understands its importance. A [...]

Singapore: becoming the world’s first Smart Nation

Smart cities are ten-a-penny now, with large numbers of the world’s major cities engaged in [...]

The role of loyalty schemes in customer experience

Customer loyalty schemes have come a long way since their early days, back in the [...]

The rise and rise of sustainability reporting

It can sometimes seem as if we live in a throwaway world. We all want [...]

AI in government: how public sector work will change

There has been a lot written about how AI will change the world of work. [...]

Is the healthcare community ready for chatbots?

Pressure is rising on healthcare systems around the world. Ageing populations, the increased cost of [...]

Using thought leadership to differentiate LinkedIn company pages

LinkedIn matters. It has more than 400 million users, but that headline figure disguises a [...]

Recognition, repetition and reputation

Some artists’ work is instantly recognisable: Andy Warhol’s prints, for example. Van Gogh’s swirling use [...]

E-residency – the way forward for digital nomads?

Large numbers of workers around the world are now self-identified or de facto digital nomads. [...]

What do marketing analysts do?

With the steady march of digital marketing, a number of new marketing roles have emerged. [...]

When two letters make a huge difference: digitalisation vs. digitisation

There are plenty of jokes told at weddings about the phrases that make for happy [...]

The rhythm of thought leadership marketing

Thought leadership marketing is one of those terms that many use, but remains poorly understood. How [...]

Highlights from DotMED Conference 2017, Dublin

As one attendee put it, DotMED’s venue, Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin, is not your [...]

The CMO as an orchestra conductor

Orchestral conductors seldom play an instrument in the orchestra that they are conducting. There are [...]

Kanban and Scrum: agile methodologies for thought leaders

Kanban and Scrum are both recognised as agile methodologies, but many organisations struggle to choose [...]

Increasing role of artificial intelligence in city administration

Cities can use artificial intelligence and analysis of data in a number of ways to [...]

The impact of culture and language on social media efforts

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by students in countries where English [...]

How AWS picked the 2016 winning cities of ‘City on a Cloud’

Regular readers of this website will know that we are big fans of awards, particularly [...]

Can hackathons be part of the social marketer’s toolkit?

Hackathons are a way to bring together groups to work intensively on a software project [...]

The social media skills gap

In October, Hootsuite announced the launch of its social media skills academy. This will provide [...]

What flight safety demonstrations can teach us about digital engagement leadership

Customers’ preference to research before contacting prospective suppliers means it is helpful to have subject [...]

Should your campaigns integrate Meetups?

The website Meetup is a social network with a difference. Where most social networks are [...]

Quora is platform of choice for technical experts

Quora is a question-and-answer site, where community members vote on which answers were helpful. It [...]

Medium’s value to B2B marketers

Medium is an online publishing platform. So far, so LinkedIn. But it’s also quite different [...]

Data centres doing Twitter right

Social media is an essential tool for data centres. It enables you to put a [...]

Community marketing is one of many untapped B2B gems

Community marketing is simply engaging customers (and prospects) in conversation, to find out what they [...]