We have been banging on about energy effectiveness for a while now. We explored how going green can be a logistics issue, summarised the power play at Data Centre Transformation and wondered if ordinary servers are too cool to take a bath.

A common request from data centre managers has been for a simple way to assess where they stand on energy effectiveness, and compare themselves to their peers – i.e. similarly profiled data centres. There is clearly a gap in the market for the motivated manager to self-serve – an on-demand capability that can provide guidance and help prioritise remedies.

It is a gap the Cassini Reviews team is keen to fill. We have worked hard to design an AssessMy Energy Effectiveness theme specifically for this task. By working with an established platform that is respected for driving excellence, we have been able to scale these self-assessments to be conducted in a secure and robust manner. If you are a data centre manager, we invite you to be part of our beta team, and take the assessment here.

The complete assessment has taken our test team an average of 10 minutes to complete. As a reward for taking part  you will get a personal report by return email. Your anonymised data will be used in aggregate only, and we plan to publish the first analysis once we have 50 respondents.

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