describes itself as a cloud brokerage platform. It is, effectively, an intermediary, helping traditional IT service providers to become cloud service providers. The platform provides a marketplace for service providers’ customers to buy and manage cloud services, accompanied by automated billing. Providers can use the platform to sell and provision a wide range of services, including Microsoft 365 and Azure, and other infrastructure- and software-as-a-service offerings. is therefore not exactly a vendor, nor a reseller, nor even quite a marketplace—at least, not yet. Instead, the platform is essentially a facilitator of all these for its clients. This feels like a new model, and might just turn out to be an important part of the future. Here’s what you need to know.

Extensive ecosystem that stretches around the world is headquartered in Greece, but also has offices and/or a presence in the US and UK. It works with more than 9,000 cloud resellers, operating across 75 countries. It partners directly with more than 70 customers, including telecoms companies, distributors and cloud service providers. The company has over 100 employees, most of whom are software engineers and cloud experts. aims to support a wide range of cloud services

We would not go so far as to say that is cloud provider-agnostic, but it certainly supports a wide range of service providers. This includes 15 separate and fully-functional integrations, with products from several leading cloud vendors such as Microsoft, Acronis, Dropbox and Google. It is, for example, a Microsoft Gold Partner, as well as being a certified provider for all its vendors. has been recognised by Acronis with a platform provider award

The award of #Cyberfit Cyber Platform Partner recognises that the platform is one of the first platforms to provide managed service providers (MSPs) with automated provisioning of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud services. It also provides automatic updates on real-time data usage and cost. The integration with Acronis Cyber Protect ​​Cloud is especially significant, because it enables better cyber protection for Acronis customers.

Reacting to new offerings from major providers

Microsoft launched its New Commerce Experience for Microsoft Azure, as part of its cloud service providers’ programme. In a blog, explained what this would look like, and what to expect as a Microsoft partner. The blog also explained how was being adapted to provide new features that would enable users to take full advantage of Microsoft’s new offering. Another blog offers advice on overcoming billing complexity for Microsoft cloud service providers.


In August 2021, Insights Success magazine listed as one of the top ten companies leading the cloud revolution. The article credits’s founder Vassilios Zografis with the company’s success. He is said to have been able to identify future trends as far back as 2005, becoming a Microsoft cloud incubation centre back in 2010. That same year, the company also started developing its own cloud business operating system, which was the first of its kind. Insights Success is not the only organisation to recognise as a leader in cloud: the company has also, for example, partnered with HP to deliver a webinar on the future of cloud. 

Adopting to remote working

At the start of the pandemic, it invited its employees to work remotely, with a focus on their mental well-being. It used tools to allow managers to check in with employees, including a ‘pulse-checker’ to find out how they were feeling. This was coupled with regular one-to-one meetings. The approach was so successful that the company now offers a standard ‘work from anywhere’ package.

Continuous innovation

The company has been innovating for the 20 years of life, from developing an early operating system through the company’s CRM system, to its cloud business operating system. For the future, it plans to continue to add features to the platform to address new customer needs, and work closely with its customers to understand and respond to their requirements. The pandemic provided huge impetus for cloud computing, and is determined to be part of the future in this area.