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This section covers the mechanics of change, and some of the models that are being used to deliver sustainability.

Unlocking the magic across silos 

Suppose your local garage, which supplied your car and now deals with its ongoing maintenance, [...]

The John Lewis business model may just be the future for the digital economy

There is a new advertisement that has provoked a storm of comments, both positive and [...]

The role of loyalty schemes in customer experience

Customer loyalty schemes have come a long way since their early days, back in the [...]

Co-creation – collaborative creativity in action

Co-creation is one of the buzzwords of the moment. But what does it really mean? [...]

Collaborative art – imbuing art with meaning from sharing

The collaborative economy is becoming a familiar term, but collaborative art? How does that work? [...]

Should smart cities be sharing cities?

Smart Cities are springing up all over the globe, especially in the southern hemisphere. India [...]

Getting smarter with energy: European cities show the world the way

As more and more people around the world live in cities, the way that cities [...]

Hear, Create, Deliver: how Human-Centred Design can help you engage with customers

When you’re innovating, you either need to have a great idea for a product that [...]

Social media in the public sector

We’ve written before about the impact on the public sector of the fact that consumers are [...]

Cities need data. Big Data.

More than 50% of the world’s population now lives in cities. And to accommodate their [...]

Open Data Institute

As part of Global Transparency Week, the Open Data Institute (ODI) held its first annual [...]

Cities need to prepare for more demanding customers

A recent report published by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, makes some familiar [...]

Report review: Showrooming less of a threat than browsing at home

Retailers are increasingly concerned about shoppers who are ‘just looking’. The electronics chain Best Buy, [...]

Changing the mechanics of government

We’ve been writing recently about how both central and local government is starting to use [...]

Research review: Will asset intelligence drive the next crushing wave of information overload?

In a reflective report, Deloitte Consulting focuses corporate attention on the subject of ‘asset intelligence’. [...]