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Marie Kondo’s six rules for content managers

Few of us can be entirely unaware of Marie Kondo, and her KonMari method of [...]

Energising internal communications with chatbots

We are probably all used to the idea of chatbots being beneficial for customer communications. [...]

Five ways the Customer Data Platform Institute supports marketing professional development

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute is a vendor-neutral organisation that aims to help marketers [...]

The changing faces of content management

Content management is the systems and processes used to collect, curate, publish, and update marketing [...]

The second coming of podcasting

The growth of podcasting started gently. There was no huge hype, no rushing to jump [...]

Eight must-haves in an effective content brief

As content marketing becomes more ubiquitous, a few challenges are emerging. Perhaps the most compelling [...]

The maturity journey: How influencer marketing is becoming more thoughtful

Influencer marketing was—like so many other ideas in the past—billed as the next big thing [...]

Is content intelligence just another buzz-phrase, or does it have real bite?

Move over content marketing, here comes content intelligence. Some marketers are calling it the hottest [...]

The art of influencer marketing

Press, analysts and now influencers? As digital platforms make it easier than ever for information [...]

B2B marketers need to up their mobile game

Mobile is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing. B2B marketing teams have been slow [...]

Specific is best: How buyer personas are maturing

A while back, we wrote about the art of creating buyer personas, and also about [...]

Moving on from the four Ps: Marketing in the digital age

Connected customers have caused a seismic shift in the marketing world in recent years. And [...]

The Content Marketing Institute

Where should you go for information when you want to know more about content marketing? [...]

Making buyer personas work

We have discussed how to create buyer personas, and why you should do so. The [...]

The art of creating buyer personas

How well do you know your customer? Not the person who last bought your product, [...]

In conversation: Scality’s Jerome Lecat on software defined storage at petabyte scale

Major customer deployments, continued Enterprise and OpenStack product investment and management team expansion are among [...]

How to write for readers who are mobile

When you’re creating content, is there any difference between standard websites and mobile? The answer [...]

In conversation: Joanne Nelson on why Logicalis integrated thought leadership

Two years ago, we looked at how Logicalis was aligning for global growth. Since then, [...]

In conversation: CloudSigma’s CEO on thought leadership to mitigate risk

CloudSigma is one of the leading providers of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), based in [...]

Is Content Marketing too important to be left to Content Marketeers?

Back in the old days, there was a clear distinction between sales and marketing. Sales [...]

In conversation: SureFire Excellence’s Paul Bevan on why enterprise technology needs courage and focus

SureFire Excellence works with organisations across the globe to provide rapid, robust and consistent sales [...]

Curation enjoys increasing significance in a noisy content world

Thought leadership involves communicating your ideas, consistently and often. But do all discussions have to be [...]

In conversation: Transitioning to more meaningful outsourcing metrics

Henry Fellow and business analyst Katie Gove set up Trellis five years ago to address [...]

In conversation: Research and analysis become open and social

Henry Fellow, Rainmakers contributor and distinguished analyst Martin Hingley set up ITCandor three years ago [...]

The Competence Cycle of Learning

Have you ever stopped to think about how you learn a new skill? Probably not. [...]