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Ten noteworthy attributes of self-reliant buyers

A recent study by Televerde suggests that at least 80% of customers’ decision-making happens before [...]

Making the web more accessible

It is estimated that about one billion people in the world have a visual or [...]

Affiliate marketing in the audience experience continuum: the affiliate’s view

Affiliate marketing is a term for a partnership between the producer of a product or [...]

Affiliate marketing in the audience experience continuum: the merchant’s view

Affiliate marketing is a partnership arrangement involving merchants, affiliates, networks and customers. A merchant (the [...]

The importance of partner-led agile lead generation

Partner marketing is often expected to adopt storytelling strategies of the brand and/or product marketing [...]

How thought leadership adds sparkle to the tough topic of non-performing loans

Qualco is a fintech company with 20 years’ experience in over 30 countries. It supports debt [...]

Digital marketing during a crisis: the role of advisors

Konavi is a ten-year-old digital marketing consultancy in Munich, working primarily with B2B clients. We [...]

Managing full-service marketing in a digital world: Octopus Agency

In a previous article, we talked to Jon Lonsdale, MD and founder of full-service advertising [...]

Transformation in print: Old Fashioned Business With New Ways

From a sales and marketing perspective the print industry has long been associated with traditional, [...]

Doing It By the Book – Building Brand for the Digital World

Valitor is an international payment solutions company, founded as Visa Iceland in 1983 and expanded [...]

The Full-Service Agency is Dead – Long Live the Full-Service Agency

Full-service agencies are advertising agencies that cover all aspects of advertising and promotion. Their death [...]

Seven takeaways from Discover Martech 2020

This year’s Discover Martech event took place in April as an entirely virtual (and free) [...]

What ‘red teams’ can teach the agile community

‘War games’ are military exercises that are used to test or improve tactics and strategy [...]

Augmented reality in the experiential marketing mix

Experiential marketing is all about creating experiences involving brands and consumers. These experiences are now [...]

To run or to pass? Speed, trust and agility in a digitally-driven world

One of the phrases often heard in management meetings is ‘run with the ball’. Sometimes [...]

Make every meeting count

A CIA manual published in 1944, and rediscovered recently, sets out simple ways to sabotage [...]

High performance transformation with Scrum

The Scrum process is more commonly known as a software development approach that is designed to [...]

What established brands can learn from growth hacking

  Growth hacking may just be the latest thing in marketing. As the name suggests, [...]

Infusing your go-to-market strategy with social media

When you’re thinking about your marketing strategy, you need to consider who you’re selling to, [...]

The digital hunter-gatherer

People often comment on how much the world has changed in the last ten, or [...]

The importance of agility in the public sector

Mario Devargas, former CIO for a police force and a large council, talked at the [...]

Why every project needs a ‘wash-up’

As individuals, we’re quite good at learning from experience. In fact, many of us trade [...]

Research review: McKinsey on digital strategies

It’s always good to have data to back up thinking about trends or challenges. So [...]

Cluetrain Manifesto: the importance of being human

Here’s a question for a quiet ten minutes in the office, or when you feel [...]