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More lessons from the garden: seeding, feeding and weeding your network

At this time of year, the thoughts of many gardeners—especially those who grow vegetables—turn to [...]

Six takeaways for thought leaders from Neural Impact’s work

Neural Impact is a boutique consultancy based in British Columbia, Canada. It works only within [...]

What action you wish your audience to take?

Let me tell you a story.  I recently came across two JustGiving pages, both set [...]

Are you keeping pace with your target audience?

You almost certainly already know how important it is to write for your target audience. [...]

Listening tips for thought leaders

Social listening is vital for thought leaders to stay up to date with what is [...]

Comments are an important part of the conversation

Markets are conversations. Digital conversations have many similarities with in-person conversations. For sustainable relationships to [...]

Why sharing what you learn is a constructive habit

Learning can be a very personal journey. But there can also be a lot of [...]

Redefining brands: the Age of You

Interbrand, which puts together the list of the 100 Best Global Brands, believes that we’re [...]

Getting your message heard: the importance of distribution

We’ve talked a lot about how to craft your content, including using pictures, and even [...]

Broadcasting vs engaging: a social media trap for the unwary

It’s a trap that many of us have probably slipped into at least once. You’re [...]

Contributing to ongoing conversations

Leadership of any kind requires that we give more than we take. In our thought [...]

Enabling conversations

When we discussed the issue of strategic alignment, we found enabling the right conversations to be a [...]

It’s not the age, it’s the mileage

Enterprises across the size and vertical segment spectrum are struggling to balance the need for [...]