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We view sustainability not just from an environmental perspective, but also business model viability.

Moving from anxiety to action: how the Earthshot prize is mobilising clean tech innovators

Around three-quarters of people in the UK and two-thirds of Americans consistently say that they [...]

How we developed the Purple Dragons Cloud Computing Carbon Footprint Index

One of the biggest issues in driving or supporting improvement of any kind is how [...]

Small but perfectly formed -how Crossflow Energy is disrupting wind power use

Unless you are a devotee of small providers of renewable energy solutions, you may never [...]

Getting to grips with climate change: how Amazon’s Climate Pledge could accelerate change

Earlier this month Mateo Dugand, EMEA Regional Lead for Sustainability at Amazon Web Services (AWS), [...]

Enhancing food security through analytics

Food security was defined at the World Food Summit in 1996 as a state in [...]

Feeding the world without costing the earth

When there is discussion about artificial intelligence (AI), it often focuses on apocalyptic scenarios, where [...]

Pros and cons of bitcoin, and the environmental impact

Over the last few years, bitcoin has increasingly hit the headlines. Some suggest that it [...]

From ‘emit and compensate’ to ‘never emit’: Google’s path to net zero carbon

As one of the biggest cloud computing industry participants, Google comes under a huge amount [...]

Combating climate change: are data centres and cloud computing providers doing enough?

The information technology (IT) industry is responsible for around 5% of worldwide total carbon emissions [...]

Is energy density holding back renewables progress to Net Zero?

Energy density is the amount of energy stored in a given system per unit volume? [...]

Getting in tune with the seasons: why cycles matter

Living in cities as so many of us do, it is easy to lose touch [...]

Nine reasons we need International Day of Women and Girls in Science

February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Surely, you cry, we [...]

Re-thinking sustainability

What exactly do we mean by ‘sustainability’? It used to be clear: the focus was [...]

The rise and rise of sustainability reporting

It can sometimes seem as if we live in a throwaway world. We all want [...]

Green data centres are still work-in-progress

Environmental friendliness has become a bit less ‘cool’ recently, with governments around the world shying [...]

Social tools are re-shaping the organisation

It is logical to think that social tools might benefit an organisation. After all, they [...]

Can artificial intelligence deliver greener data centres?

Green data centres are perhaps best described as ‘work in progress’. But the drive towards [...]

Developing an effective people strategy

One of the most pressing issues facing Data Centre management today is ready access to [...]

High performance transformation with Scrum

The Scrum process is more commonly known as a software development approach that is designed to [...]

Data centre risk management

If you need to understand data centre risk management quickly, then look no further. We [...]

Aligning employer social profiles with overall company communications

As social media use matures, social media presence is becoming crucial to effective employer branding, [...]

How effective is your energy management?

We have been banging on about energy effectiveness for a while now. We explored how going green can [...]

Data centre energy effectiveness

Research has shown that energy costs can account for around 30% of the total infrastructure [...]

Looking after your data: the implications for data centres

Data privacy is always news. Whether photos of celebrities have been hacked from the cloud, [...]

Social business comes of age

It seems that social media management is finally coming of age in the business world. [...]

Towards climate-neutral data centres

Expanding as a data centre provider requires either a serious building project, or the acquisition [...]

Seeing the wood for the trees: how data visualisation can motivate your workforce

Have you heard the one about mushroom leaders? They keep their workforce in the dark [...]

The digital hunter-gatherer

People often comment on how much the world has changed in the last ten, or [...]

Social co-existence: innovation and philantrohy

We’ve written before about start-ups, and more recently about Cisco’s Entrepreneurs in Residence programme, which [...]

Seeing the wood for the trees: improving line of sight

It’s always been axiomatic that employees needed to know how they fit into the organisation’s [...]

Positioning brands in the collaborative economy

We have written before about the rise of the collaborative economy and the importance of reputation. [...]

Managing the remote workforce

As more and more companies are embracing remote working, managers are finding that they need [...]

Is your social presence leading to clearer line of sight?

Apple doesn’t bother with social media. It doesn’t need to. Its customers love it, and [...]

The coming reputation dashboard

There are few of us who would disagree that the online engagements have profoundly changed [...]

Digital partnerships: Driving CIO-CMO alignment

As more and more people engage with their suppliers in the digital, rather than the [...]

How does your dashboard glow?

The use of dashboards is a topic which we visit and revisit from time to [...]

The Inevitable tension between organic and planned growth

Most CIOs will relate to the tension between user demand-driven technology deployment, and top-down implementation [...]

The Web Index and the challenge of censorship

It’s by no means an easy task, which is perhaps why it has taken until [...]

Clay Shirky on Transparency in government

Clay Shirky shows how democracies can take a lesson from the Internet, to be not [...]

HP and storage hypervisors

HP has a heritage of meeting storage demands on various platforms and with a choice [...]

Flexible sourcing

Flexible sourcing has been enjoying increasing attention from business leaders. From the early days of [...]

When AWS went down

Many businesses have woken up today to the reality that cloud providers too can fail. [...]

The line-of-sight journey

Translating firm goals into tangible results requires that employees not only comprehend the organization’s strategy, [...]

Book review: The Naked Corporation

As an analyst interpreting trends in the IT industry, corporate opacity was a common challenge [...]

Defining the Governance Agenda

Good governance creates a strong organisation by continuously steering it towards a vision and ensuring [...]

Can business and social responsibility co-exist?

“Corporate Social Responsibility” is a dynamic term steadily evolving thus escaping standard definition. Applied CSR [...]