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Thought leadership and marketing lessons from advent calendars

You know that advent calendars are big when most news media websites are running ‘Best [...]

Using HeyGen to create explainer videos

Is it possible to create great explainer videos without any editing experience or recording equipment? [...]

Getting the most out of staging a LinkedIn Live event

So you want to stage a LinkedIn Live event but you’re not sure where to [...]

Reputation management in the partnering landscape

We know that there are many factors that can affect corporate reputation. We also know [...]

Why thought leaders need to understand (and avoid) proximity bias

As we start to move more confidently through the world of remote and hybrid working, [...]

How has the marketing skills portfolio evolved? 

What are the most crucial skills for marketers to develop?  There are many possible answers [...]

The value of customer success in reputation build

Personal reputation is everything that is known about you: the value you have created, what [...]

How the Marketing Society is driving excellence

The UK-based Marketing Society was founded in 1959, and has grown since then to become [...]

How the ‘call for papers’ ritual performs like Swiss Army knives for event management

We have probably all seen Swiss Army knives: multi-purpose pocketknives with fold-out blades, scissors, nail [...]

Marie Kondo’s six rules for content managers

Few of us can be entirely unaware of Marie Kondo, and her KonMari method of [...]

May Day, but not as you know it

You may know of May 1st as International Workers’ Day or simply Workers’ Day. It [...]

Sharpening your listening skills through improv: practice suggestions

We have previously said that improv could have a place in business, and particularly to [...]

Ten noteworthy attributes of self-reliant buyers

A recent study by Televerde suggests that at least 80% of customers’ decision-making happens before [...]

Emotional intelligence in marketing: why empathy is crucial for marketers

For the first time in most of our living memories, we – as a human [...]

Energising internal communications with chatbots

We are probably all used to the idea of chatbots being beneficial for customer communications. [...]

Making the web more accessible

It is estimated that about one billion people in the world have a visual or [...]

Affiliate marketing in the audience experience continuum: the affiliate’s view

Affiliate marketing is a term for a partnership between the producer of a product or [...]

Affiliate marketing in the audience experience continuum: the merchant’s view

Affiliate marketing is a partnership arrangement involving merchants, affiliates, networks and customers. A merchant (the [...]

Boosting meeting engagement with Slido

Remote meetings highlighted the importance of attendee engagement to all of us. When you’re in [...]

Takeaways from “The Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why”

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get a word in when talking to someone [...]

Six takeaways for thought leaders from Neural Impact’s work

Neural Impact is a boutique consultancy based in British Columbia, Canada. It works only within [...]

Event management lessons from Sundance 2021

Sundance was one of the only film festivals last year to go as planned and [...]

What action you wish your audience to take?

Let me tell you a story.  I recently came across two JustGiving pages, both set [...]

The importance of partner-led agile lead generation

Partner marketing is often expected to adopt storytelling strategies of the brand and/or product marketing [...]

Why marketers will need to dig deeper into emotional intelligence

You don’t very often see ‘emotional intelligence’ among the skills listed on a marketing job [...]

Are your stories sticky enough?

Do you know the story of how teddy bears got their name? You may not [...]

How thought leadership adds sparkle to the tough topic of non-performing loans

Qualco is a fintech company with 20 years’ experience in over 30 countries. It supports debt [...]

Digital marketing during a crisis: the role of advisors

Konavi is a ten-year-old digital marketing consultancy in Munich, working primarily with B2B clients. We [...]

Managing full-service marketing in a digital world: Octopus Agency

In a previous article, we talked to Jon Lonsdale, MD and founder of full-service advertising [...]

Transformation in print: Old Fashioned Business With New Ways

From a sales and marketing perspective the print industry has long been associated with traditional, [...]

How Spotify, Dropbox, and Trello boost subscription revenue

In 2019 the average American spent $640 on subscription services. Subscriptions come in so many [...]

ABM, sales planning and intelligence: will adversity catalyse transformation?

We’d intended to discuss Account-Based Sales & Marketing (ABM) with Brian Allsop, MD of Fusion [...]

Doing It By the Book – Building Brand for the Digital World

Valitor is an international payment solutions company, founded as Visa Iceland in 1983 and expanded [...]

The Full-Service Agency is Dead – Long Live the Full-Service Agency

Full-service agencies are advertising agencies that cover all aspects of advertising and promotion. Their death [...]

Hybrid events and content ecosystems – how experience agencies are adapting

George P Johnson (GPJ) is one of the oldest brand experience agencies, founded in 1914. [...]

Should collaborative marketing be in your toolkit?

Collaborative marketing represents the concept of working together with other similar companies or associations to [...]

Seven takeaways from Discover Martech 2020

This year’s Discover Martech event took place in April as an entirely virtual (and free) [...]

How The Times weaves editorial strategies into social channels

In Conversation: Claudia Stebbings Head of Marketing, New Business Division, The Times and The Sunday [...]

Five ways the Customer Data Platform Institute supports marketing professional development

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute is a vendor-neutral organisation that aims to help marketers [...]

What ‘red teams’ can teach the agile community

‘War games’ are military exercises that are used to test or improve tactics and strategy [...]

The changing faces of content management

Content management is the systems and processes used to collect, curate, publish, and update marketing [...]

Why community marketing should be on your ‘to do’ list

Businesses that understand their ecosystem—and particularly the dynamics of competition within it—are far more likely [...]

How to organise a tweetchat

A tweetchat is a live Twitter event with questions focused around a particular topic. They [...]

Augmented reality in the experiential marketing mix

Experiential marketing is all about creating experiences involving brands and consumers. These experiences are now [...]

The second coming of podcasting

The growth of podcasting started gently. There was no huge hype, no rushing to jump [...]

Ten things B2B marketers should know about experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is creating experiences involving brands and consumers, and it is rapidly moving into [...]

How is social media reshaping corporate reputation?

We can now communicate far faster, with far more people, than has ever been possible [...]

A question of value: should events and conferences be free or pay-to-attend?

When you are organising a major external event or conference, one big question to consider [...]

5 questions you need to answer before you can start organising an event

So you’ve been asked to organise an event for your organisation? Before you can do [...]

Federate your team – 7 ways to make sure your event management is properly resourced

No one person could ever manage to organise a full-scale event on their own. Event [...]

Eight must-haves in an effective content brief

As content marketing becomes more ubiquitous, a few challenges are emerging. Perhaps the most compelling [...]

Six tactics to optimise signage at your event

Signage is often overlooked in event organisation and management, but it can be an important [...]

7 reasons invitation-only audience acquisition could be a better option for your next event

Attendance by invitation-only events sound very exclusive. However, when the event is expected to deliver [...]

8 factors to consider when recruiting speakers for your event

  What matters in event planning and management? Perhaps the most important part of any [...]

Getting media relations right for your events

It is a simple fact that you cannot adequately publicise a major event without press [...]

The maturity journey: How influencer marketing is becoming more thoughtful

Influencer marketing was—like so many other ideas in the past—billed as the next big thing [...]

Understanding event sponsorship dynamics

Getting sponsors to help finance your event is common practice. It is, however, not necessarily [...]

Is content intelligence just another buzz-phrase, or does it have real bite?

Move over content marketing, here comes content intelligence. Some marketers are calling it the hottest [...]

To run or to pass? Speed, trust and agility in a digitally-driven world

One of the phrases often heard in management meetings is ‘run with the ball’. Sometimes [...]

Closing the divide: from follower to leader in content globalisation

Content marketing is now mainstream. Everyone is doing it, and everyone understands its importance. A [...]

Singapore: becoming the world’s first Smart Nation

Smart cities are ten-a-penny now, with large numbers of the world’s major cities engaged in [...]

The rise and rise of sustainability reporting

It can sometimes seem as if we live in a throwaway world. We all want [...]

What do marketing analysts do?

With the steady march of digital marketing, a number of new marketing roles have emerged. [...]

The CMO as an orchestra conductor

Orchestral conductors seldom play an instrument in the orchestra that they are conducting. There are [...]

The impact of culture and language on social media efforts

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by students in countries where English [...]

Can hackathons be part of the social marketer’s toolkit?

Hackathons are a way to bring together groups to work intensively on a software project [...]

Community marketing is one of many untapped B2B gems

Community marketing is simply engaging customers (and prospects) in conversation, to find out what they [...]

How mature are your account based marketing practices?

Account-based marketing is, broadly speaking, marketing that is focused and targeted towards each lead or [...]

The art of influencer marketing

Press, analysts and now influencers? As digital platforms make it easier than ever for information [...]

Lead nurturing should embrace changing digital experiences

Lead nurturing is the process of bringing a lead from the initial point of interest [...]

Is lead management keeping up with digital possibilities?

Lead management in B2B includes both generating sales leads, and following them up and closing [...]

So you plan to live-tweet an event

Live tweeting is a key part of generating a buzz about an event, and crucial [...]

Impulse drive: humanity in the B2B buying cycle

As consumers, we understand impulse buying; it happens as a result of an emotional connection [...]

Make every meeting count

A CIA manual published in 1944, and rediscovered recently, sets out simple ways to sabotage [...]

High performance transformation with Scrum

The Scrum process is more commonly known as a software development approach that is designed to [...]

B2B marketers need to up their mobile game

Mobile is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing. B2B marketing teams have been slow [...]

Why sales operations continue to rise in significance

What marketers need to understand about sales operations Sales operations has been around a while—since [...]

What established brands can learn from growth hacking

  Growth hacking may just be the latest thing in marketing. As the name suggests, [...]

Digital marketing: The analytics job ahead

I’m a big fan of events. The gathering of people with common interests. The suspension [...]

Specific is best: How buyer personas are maturing

A while back, we wrote about the art of creating buyer personas, and also about [...]

Social at work trends to watch

There is no question that social networking has changed the way that we communicate with [...]

Apple and IBM on the ageing population

We often hear about the challenges of an aging population. The talk is more usually [...]

Ten Lessons from KLM’s social presence

Dutch airline KLM is widely recognised as a world leader in social media use, and [...]

Moving on from the four Ps: Marketing in the digital age

Connected customers have caused a seismic shift in the marketing world in recent years. And [...]

The Content Marketing Institute

Where should you go for information when you want to know more about content marketing? [...]

Making buyer personas work

We have discussed how to create buyer personas, and why you should do so. The [...]

The art of creating buyer personas

How well do you know your customer? Not the person who last bought your product, [...]

Infusing your go-to-market strategy with social media

When you’re thinking about your marketing strategy, you need to consider who you’re selling to, [...]

The digital hunter-gatherer

People often comment on how much the world has changed in the last ten, or [...]

Competitive intelligence from social media

We looked a little while ago at using Twitter to gain intelligence about your competition. [...]

The importance of agility in the public sector

Mario Devargas, former CIO for a police force and a large council, talked at the [...]

Experience is the new brand

Mercedes-Benz has abandoned the idea of achieving customer satisfaction. That doesn’t mean that the company [...]

Why every project needs a ‘wash-up’

As individuals, we’re quite good at learning from experience. In fact, many of us trade [...]

In conversation: Scality’s Jerome Lecat on software defined storage at petabyte scale

Major customer deployments, continued Enterprise and OpenStack product investment and management team expansion are among [...]

In conversation: Egenera’s John Humphreys on creating communities to generate value

Egenera, provider of management solutions that bring together applications and workloads across platforms, has just [...]

How to write for readers who are mobile

When you’re creating content, is there any difference between standard websites and mobile? The answer [...]

Social selling and the lesson from cakes

There are many myths about B2B and social media. But what is the key to [...]

Rules of Engagement

In the age of social media-dominated communication and general information overload, developing client engagement based [...]

In conversation: Robin Daniels on amplifying thought leadership through customer and developer voices

Last wek Box announced that GE’s 300,000 employees across 170 countries will be coming onboard [...]