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Assessing the value of B Corp certification

In May 2022, a non-profit network called B Lab announced that there were now 5,000 [...]

Transformation in print: Old Fashioned Business With New Ways

From a sales and marketing perspective the print industry has long been associated with traditional, [...]

Marketing takeaways from the #miagehnonline hackathon

On March 13th 2020 the German government closed all businesses for an unspecified time, in [...]

Rethinking education and training: WhiteHat apprenticeships

Back in July 2019, tech start-up WhiteHat announced it had secured $16 million in venture capitalist [...]

How IoT creates new value – the high fashion way

The Internet of Things and the world of luxury goods and fashion do not, on [...]

Sleeping out for Byte Night

Corporate social responsibility is a bit of a difficult term. To some people, it means [...]

Will time-banking be more influential in the AI-driven era?

Over the next couple of decades, artificial intelligence (AI) systems are expected to change the [...]

Old world, new world: the changing face of work

There is general agreement that the world of work is going to change enormously over [...]

Hungerithm: a story of artificial intelligence, anger, and a chocolate bar

Marketing is becoming increasingly data-driven. More and more companies are turning to analytics and insights, [...]

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AI in clothes: The Open Style Lab way

  Technology as a part of fashion and technology and fashion as a force for [...]

Designing effective expertise marketing

Thought leadership is becoming both more ubiquitous, and a more important part of a content [...]

The art of influencer marketing

Press, analysts and now influencers? As digital platforms make it easier than ever for information [...]

Digital Dublin: innovation for economic sustainability

Sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking that becoming a Smart City was a goal [...]

Co-creation – collaborative creativity in action

Co-creation is one of the buzzwords of the moment. But what does it really mean? [...]

The future of work

Let’s pause a moment to consider the way that ‘work’ as we know it is [...]

Is your business ready for customers’ converged lifestyles?

KPMG’s findings from its Consumers and Convergence V: The Converged Lifestyle survey looks at consumer [...]