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Why you should never be too busy to learn

For years, being busy has been a badge of honour among senior executives and managers.  [...]

Comments are an important part of the conversation

Markets are conversations. Digital conversations have many similarities with in-person conversations. For sustainable relationships to [...]

Why sharing what you learn is a constructive habit

Learning can be a very personal journey. But there can also be a lot of [...]

B2B marketers re-discover Facebook

The received wisdom that Facebook is no good for B2B marketing is being challenged. A [...]

Is your writing supporting your social objectives?

Writing is a skill like any other: it can be learnt and developed. It seems [...]

Getting more out of #s

Hashtags are labels used on social media and microblogging sites, including Twitter and Instagram. They [...]

How Twitter users generate better ideas

Social media is sometimes accused of blinding us to new ideas. But a recent article [...]

Should you be on Xing?

Xing is effectively the German version of LinkedIn. We had a look to see what [...]

Are LinkedIn endorsements worth your time?

We are often asked about LinkedIn endorsements – what are they, and do they work? [...]

How fit is your social media policy?

Are you struggling to develop or update your social media policy? Take a look at [...]

Using LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index to assess progress

Social selling, or the use of social media to support sales activities, has been around [...]

We all need to be storytellers

In our ancestral past, one of the most valued roles in society was the storyteller. [...]

All you need to know about paid social (but were afraid to ask)

When Facebook’s algorithm changed back in 2013, and users no longer saw every post from [...]

Ten lessons from Volvo’s social presence

Volvo’s social media team is still small, just three and a half people, and its [...]

What can LinkedIn Pulse do for you?

In Monty Python’s Life of Brian, there is a classic moment when John Cleese asks [...]

Redefining brands: the Age of You

Interbrand, which puts together the list of the 100 Best Global Brands, believes that we’re [...]

Using Twitter for competitive intelligence

We’ve discussed using social media to engage with your customers, for example through Tweetchats. But [...]

Getting your message heard: the importance of distribution

We’ve talked a lot about how to craft your content, including using pictures, and even [...]

Are you getting the most out of TweetChats?

Twitter Chat(or TweetChat) has been described as ‘business networking events without the dress code’. A [...]

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Dispelling common B2B social media myths

There are some commonly-held ideas in B2B companies about social media not being all that [...]

From dashboard to storyboard

Dashboards represent concepts and management tools, and the idea is one  we revisit from time [...]

The future of social media command centres

Sprinklr has seen the future, or at least the future of social media command centres, and [...]

Broadcasting vs engaging: a social media trap for the unwary

It’s a trap that many of us have probably slipped into at least once. You’re [...]

B2B social platforms that work

We’ve written before about choosing your platform for communication, whether it’s social media, your website, or [...]

Where do you say it? Media, platforms and channels to choose for your thought leadership messages

This post helps you select and personalize your strategy for optimising communications channels and platforms [...]

Does a picture still paint a thousand words?

Tweets that include photos or video links are retweeted at a much higher rate than [...]

Social lessons from the leaders

There is plenty of speculation about how companies ‘should be’ or ‘ought to be’ using [...]

Four effective ways to measure ROI on your Content Marketing and Thought Leadership efforts

 If you’re updated on the latest on content marketing, you’re reading that returns on investment [...]

In conversation: Tech Trailblazers’ Rose Ross on helping startups amplify thought leadership

Tech Trailblazers is a disruptive concept in awards. It is designed explicitly for enterprise technology startups [...]

Who owns thought leadership?

When we embarked on this journey of thought leadership coaching, it was to address the [...]

Refining your personal elevator pitch

Your professional biography is a vital part of your personal presentation. After all, it may [...]

Where is the story in your message?

“Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time…” These words strike a chord [...]

Think of Aristotle for your next blogpost

Aristotle’s ingredients for persuasion, the so-called appeals, are known by the names of ethos, pathos [...]

Contributing to ongoing conversations

Leadership of any kind requires that we give more than we take. In our thought [...]

Getting your point across

One of the first things you have to consider as a thought leader is how [...]

Thought leaders > who do you think you are?

The term ‘thought leader’ seems to have proliferated, and come to mean different things to [...]

Allocating your energy

One of the questions which often arises, especially from those new to thought leadership, is [...]

Enabling conversations

When we discussed the issue of strategic alignment, we found enabling the right conversations to be a [...]

The three pillars

Successful thought leaders concentrate on what might be described as three pillars: topic, audience and [...]

Beyond content: the increasing role of “idea magnets”

One change which we’re all seeing to some extent is perhaps an increasing recognition that [...]

Kanban for thought leadership

You may have heard of kanban. It’s a Japanese word meaning ‘signal card’, made famous [...]


Digital Health emerged from work back in 2007, on IT governance. We were working with [...]

It’s not the age, it’s the mileage

Enterprises across the size and vertical segment spectrum are struggling to balance the need for [...]