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Improving the effectiveness of data centres: the Data Centre Alliance

The Data Centre Alliance, or DCA is UK-based but operates across Europe. It is a [...]

Encouraging Europe’s data centre operators towards climate neutrality: the European Data Centre Association (EUDCA)

The European Data Centre Association (EUDCA) describes itself as representing the interests of commercial data [...]

Comparing the market: the different faces of data centre sustainability

Sustainability is one of the biggest issues facing data centre operators. There are huge concerns [...]

Re-thinking how we account for climate change and sustainability

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting has grown in popularity in recent years. About 90% [...]

National and international data centre associations’ increasing relevance

There is a paradox associated with the cloud. When companies start to grow, moving workloads [...]

Should you join eco?

We recently commented that five EU data centre industry bodies had come together to try [...]

DDA focuses on specifics

As part of our series on industry bodies relevant to European data centres, we now [...]

Data centre industry makeover

Purple Dragons partner Jahri Stefan Norberg went along to the Paris launch last week to find out [...]

Power play at Data Centre Transformation

Power or more precisely the potential lack of power to deal with the growth in [...]

Reliability, then efficiency – Uptime Institute’s contribution to the data centre industry

You may have heard people talk about Tier I, II, III or IV data centres. [...]

Trip report: Observations from IP EXPO Stockholm

Last week we had the opportunity to present at the Virtualization theatre in IP EXPO's [...]

Comparetheware – IT purchasing comparison-site pioneer

ware is a comparison site, designed as a trusted portal to give UK IT purchasers [...]