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Approaching reputation management when working with partners

Corporate reputations take time to build up, but can be lost very fast in a [...]

Influencers in the reputation landscape

Influencers are people who influence the decisions of others. It sounds simple—but in marketing, the [...]

The value of customer success in reputation build

Personal reputation is everything that is known about you: the value you have created, what [...]

Studying corporate reputation: an invitation

Corporate reputation has been important for a long time. The need to protect his company’s [...]

Finding the balance: corporate vs. personal reputation

What is the difference between corporate and individual reputation? Or perhaps a more appropriate question [...]

Mind the gap: five lessons from reputational disasters from around the world

If you search for ‘reputational disaster’, you will find plenty of stories. Some companies have [...]

How the ‘call for papers’ ritual performs like Swiss Army knives for event management

We have probably all seen Swiss Army knives: multi-purpose pocketknives with fold-out blades, scissors, nail [...]

Jobs to be done: influencers versus thought leaders

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Six takeaways from Brian Souza’s The Weekly Coaching Conversation

On the face of it, a book called The Weekly Coaching Conversation is not the [...]

Can thought leadership efforts be benchmarked?

Measuring thought leadership is challenging. It is intangible, and it is also highly individual, for [...]

From good to great: Getting more from thought leadership

The thought leadership ‘space’ is becoming increasingly crowded. More and more companies have come to [...]

How is social media reshaping corporate reputation?

We can now communicate far faster, with far more people, than has ever been possible [...]

Recognition, repetition and reputation

Some artists’ work is instantly recognisable: Andy Warhol’s prints, for example. Van Gogh’s swirling use [...]

The coming reputation dashboard

There are few of us who would disagree that the online engagements have profoundly changed [...]