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Can Twitter Spaces help thought leaders?

Do you like listening to podcasts or audiobooks? Is it easier for you to follow [...]

How can cities use social media to engage more effectively post-pandemic?

Over the course of the pandemic, the realisation has grown among many people and businesses [...]

Can Kred help you monitor progress towards greater influence?

Since the birth of influencer marketing, brands, businesses and experts have been in search of [...]

My target audience is not on Twitter. Why should I be?

Thought leadership is all about building relationships with customers and potential customers. These relationships start [...]

How to organise a tweetchat

A tweetchat is a live Twitter event with questions focused around a particular topic. They [...]

So you plan to live-tweet an event

Live tweeting is a key part of generating a buzz about an event, and crucial [...]

What social media participants can learn from dog owners

Owning a dog may not be your dream, but we can probably all understand why [...]

How Twitter users generate better ideas

Social media is sometimes accused of blinding us to new ideas. But a recent article [...]

Using Twitter for competitive intelligence

We’ve discussed using social media to engage with your customers, for example through Tweetchats. But [...]

The future of scientific publishing: the role of Twitter

There is always plenty of speculation about the future of academic publishing: how will journals [...]

Are you getting the most out of TweetChats?

Twitter Chat(or TweetChat) has been described as ‘business networking events without the dress code’. A [...]

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