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Does Envato live up to its claim “The leading online community for creatives”? 

In August 2021, Hubspot announced it had partnered with Envato, the “world-leading online community for creative [...]

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Monday.com describes itself as a Work Operating System. The metaphor is quite a good one. [...]

The evolution of the employee and the portability of thought leadership

There has been a lot of talk about how the pandemic has redefined ways of [...]

Takeaways from “The Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why”

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Lessons on emotional connections from Adam Driver’s Arts in the Armed Forces

  Increasingly, we are becoming aware that emotional intelligence is crucial for marketers and thought [...]

Six takeaways for thought leaders from Neural Impact’s work

Neural Impact is a boutique consultancy based in British Columbia, Canada. It works only within [...]

Event management lessons from Sundance 2021

Sundance was one of the only film festivals last year to go as planned and [...]