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Personality types, job compatibilities and lessons from the horticultural world

Overheard: a conversation between two gardeners working in a local community. One weeds the flower [...]

More lessons from the garden: seeding, feeding and weeding your network

At this time of year, the thoughts of many gardeners—especially those who grow vegetables—turn to [...]

The knowledge management paradox – wildflower meadow or designed landscape?

Wildflower meadows and verges were everywhere in 2021. Many councils are chosing to seed verges [...]

Leadership lessons from gardening

Nurturing is an important part of leadership, including thought leadership. However, it often goes unsung. [...]

Business lessons from tree cathedrals

In 1918, a man called Edmund Blyth returned from the battlefields of the First World [...]

Getting in tune with the seasons: why cycles matter

Living in cities as so many of us do, it is easy to lose touch [...]