Inside the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem

Partnerships, ecosystems, and marketplaces are on the rise. However, talking about partnerships and creating a genuine mutually beneficial relationship with another business are two very different things. At this roundtable, Hadley Christoffels shared his experience with the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem as an ISV. As pre-reading, roundtable participants were invited to explore Handley’s reflections here.

Getting your product onto the Azure Marketplace doesn’t negate the need for marketing. It increases it. No marketplace is a wand that magically sells it for you. So link to it on your website. Talk about it in your networks. Shout it from rooftops. But whatever you do, make sure the relevant stakeholders know that it exists.

We had  a lively discussion on what role a Marketplace plays in the broader context of partner programmes. and how ISV or other vendors can benefit but also what challenges remain and how you guard from them and potentially overcome them.

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