The TDC Group is Denmark’s biggest telecommunications provider and former national telco. It is TDC’s subsidiary, TDC Hosting that delivers colocation, managed hosting and cloud IaaS services to businesses in Denmark. In Norway and Sweden, TDC operates as TDC Nordic where it delivers a variety of similar services from a network of data centres in Sweden.  Business communications and networking is handled by TDC Business, but the subsidiaries and parent company work together to provide a one-stop shop service.

TDC Hosting specialises cloud services. It offers private and hybrid clouds, cloud consultancy, cloud office (and switchboard) and Cloud Rack.  It offers standard colocation too, but where possible it directs customers to the cloud.

Cloud Rack is TDC’s off-the-shelf cloud hosting package designed for businesses of all sizes that wish to do away with physical hosting altogether. A basic package with no inclusive data or power costs just 1 Krone, and all extras are charged on a pay-as-used basis. Most packages come with some allowances and are charged on a monthly basis.

Cloud Rack services are ultra-flexible and scalable.  They can be controlled and monitored via a customer portal or iOS devices and users can create multi-server environments as they are issued a flexible and self-managed ‘pool’ of resource. TDC’s cloud services are also compatible with Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Other services offered by TDC Hosting are modular ‘add ons’. These include website hosting, email servers, Office 365, managed cloud (cloud desk), domain names and VPS.


TDC Hosting is headquartered in Tranbjerg, whilst TDC A/S is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. TDC also has offices across Scandinavia in Sweden, Finland and Norway via its business unit TDC Nordic. Its data centres are located in Sweden and Denmark and are all connected to TDC’s backbone, offer 24/7 technical support and are certified to ISO 27001.

There are seven TDC data centres in Sweden in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Sundsvall. There are also two data centres in Jutland and Zealand in Denmark, and it is from the Danish data centres that outsourcing and cloud services are delivered to the Danish market.

All TDC data centres benefit from N+1 redundancy on power and cooling equipment, with power supplied by UPS, battery the diesel generators as a failsafe.  Security is high at all locations, with steel doors and steel shutters over the windows at ground level. Any access points, no matter how small, are fitted with vibration sensors to detect unauthorised tampering.

Within TDC’s data centres all doors are fitted with access control panels so only authorised personnel with an entry card can gain access.  24-hour CCTV guards the grounds and important areas inside the building.


TDC is constantly seeking ways to introduce environmentally friendly and energy saving technology to its data centres. At the moment its data centre cooling system is supplemented with free air cooling which is achievable thanks to the cool climates of Sweden and Denmark. It also invests in variable frequency fans and water chillers where practical.

Funding/business model

TDC A/S is a Danish Public Limited Company and is offered on the Copenhagen stock exchange. TDC Hosting is a subsidiary of the company.  The majority of TDC’s shares are owned by a consortium of five international investment funds that trade under the name of Angel Lux Common S.a.r.l. (ALC). Those funds are Apax Partners Worldwide LLP, The Blackstone Group International Limited, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., Permira Advisers KB and Providence Equity Partners Limited.

ALC owns 87.9% of TDC shares, the Danish national pension scheme has a further 5% and the remainder are owned by a mixture of TDC staff and ordinary investors.

Customers and partners

TDC has a strong reputation in Scandinavian countries and has business customers from throughout the region.  It currently hosts more than 10,000 servers for 500 customers, including software developer Headnet ApS, Lett Lawyers, LB Insurance, ISS and BoConcept.

TDC is currently working in partnership with Chinese firm Huawei to upgrade its entire Danish fibre network to ‘giga COAX’ so that all customers, both commercial and domestic, will get 1GB high speed internet. It is also a Microsoft Gold partner for hosting.

A Nordic solution for Nordic businesses

For Scandinavia based businesses, TDC’s range of entry-level services and packages should meet most business needs at a reasonable price. Its data centres aren’t state of the art and don’t offer the kinds of power densities and perks offered by independent data centres, but TDC is a trusted Danish brand and that alone will ensure it has appeal in a mass business market.

International customers may find that TDC is a little too ‘local’ for their needs. Customer support is in Danish (or Swedish depending upon the data centre) and is very much geared up for the Scandinavian market.

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