Redstor is a UK IT services vendor specialising in data protection. Redstor delivers its services directly or through 170 Channel partners who act as resellers. The company developed an on-line backup service for the schools sector with more than 14,000 UK schools as customers. For the 12 months ending November 2011, we estimate Redstor’s revenues at £8M. The company is pursuing a growth model into other European countries.

Data protection
Redstor maintains a number of data centres where its customers backup/restore their data to and from. Backups are file based using 3rd party software. The company is also contracting 3rd party telecoms providers in order to provide high speed bandwidth. Redstor is using different storage hardware providers that offer the company the ability to explore different storage architectures and feature sets.

Redstor Online Backup
The Redstor Online Backup service is referred to as Backup as a Service (BAAS) and provides an encrypted service providing automated backup and restore. A number of server, PC, laptop, database and email applications are supported.
Redstor Online Backup Plus. The Plus offering is devised to cater for complex environments and large data capacities. It also provides data de-duplication.
Redstor Cloud Storage Services. A logical extension to its backup service, Redstor is promoting a Cloud based storage service. Its Cloud Silo is enabled by EMC’s Atmos., with access provided by a number of ISVs.
Additional offerings have developed into products as a result of customers requesting help with reporting, auditing, monitoring, remote support, IT-security etc.

Geographical expansion
Redstor’s business model is based on economies of scale and expertise in backup and recovery. The company is articulating a growth model to extend its skills and vendor alliances into other countries in Europe such as Scandinavia, France and Germany.

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