Optimum Data Centres is a new entrant to the UK data centre market but it brings with it significant industry experience as the team behind both the phenomenally successful Global Switch and Sentrum.  Optimum’s USP lies in its bespoke dedicated spaces which are created on demand to exactly meet client needs and specifications.

Each cage or suite offered by Optimum is served by its own dedicated infrastructure. Cage space starts at 200 sq. ft. (10 racks) and is fully secure within a shared environment, with further security measures such as CCTV available as additional options.

Bespoke data suites lie at the opposite end of the services scale, where everything from suite size to UPS brand is fully customisable. Optimum can even replicate data centre space elsewhere to ensure uniformity throughout its customers’ business.

At the middle end of the scale is the modular suite – a solution for businesses seeking modest data centre facilities quickly with the expectation that they will expand relatively quickly. Power is supplied on an incremental basis of 250kW (starting at 750kW) and all other infrastructure is designed to be scaled up from day one if required.

Optimum also offers extensive data centre design and build services through Optimum Data Centre’s sister company, Optimum Technical Construction, formerly known as Sentrum Construction Management. This service is aimed at clients that want to own their own data centres but draw on Optimum’s significant experience and supply chain. The offer doesn’t stop there as Optimum also offers attractive financing options, including partnership with Optimum’s backers and leaseback schemes. As part of the stand-alone data centre service, Optimum can also offer an ongoing management service, migration, IT services and more.


Optimum presently owns two data centres. One is in Hayes, Middlesex and one in Rugby in the West Midlands. The Rugby facility is a dedicated data centre built specifically for Hewlett Packard as part of their business continuity and disaster recovery division.

The tier III+ carrier neutral data centre in Hayes, West London was originally built to house a major international banking company before Optimum’s ownership. The data centre offers 53,000 Sq. ft. of technical space spread out over two floors and is located on a busy business park within the M25, just six miles from Heathrow Airport.

The data centre offers much in the way of security and stability, with N+N redundancy on power, N+1 on cooling and extensive fire and gas detection, prevention and extinguishing systems. On-site security is 24/7, with the added benefits of a 3 meter perimeter fence topped with rotary spikes and full access controls.

Optimum Hayes is also served by a comprehensive building management system, with real time monitoring on power, building alarms and power surge prevention. It has a permanent Facilities Management presence and full time Mechanical and Electrical engineers providing both proactive planned and reactive maintenance.


Optimum is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and delivering better value for tenants through energy efficient measures and technologies.  It has a dedicated Group Energy Team that provides advice and guidance on energy efficiency and in 2013 signed up for a 100% renewable energy electricity tariff without increasing the cost per unit.  Optimum will further seek opportunities to improve energy efficiency while acknowledging that buying in renewable energy is just the first stage.

Funding/business model

Set up in 2014 by the same team that made a success of both Sentrum and Global Switch, Optimum Data Centres Ltd is a private limited company which is ultimately owned by the wealthy Ruhan family through a complex range of businesses and investment companies.

Customers and partners

One of Optimum’s biggest clients is Hewlett Packard, which occupies its entire West Midlands data centre.  The Hayes data centre is home to a variety of businesses including Sentrum Colo, an Optimum ‘sister’ company that offers colocation, infrastructure and connectivity services to businesses.

Premium data centre space for larger companies

Optimum Data Centres is a growing company backed by extensive funds and industry expertise. It offers a premium, bespoke service to large companies and is unlikely to appeal to smaller businesses or companies looking for low cost standard housing options. Optimum really is aiming for the ‘optimum’ market and is ideal for companies that want the benefit of a tailored data centre space without the problems associated with owning data centres, including sourcing land, financing and building the kind of infrastructure that Optimum can offer for less.

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