Object Matrix is a UK based IT company that develops tier-2 data appliances aimed at the vertical niche of the media/pre-production industry.

While calling itself a software company, as is the habit of many a storage vendor, the MatrixStore solution is sold as a finished appliance. Understanding and fitting into the workflow of the prospective customer is a strong argument in any industry, and Object Matrix is designing the software that anticipates how files are stored, retrieved and searched for.

The pre-production niche not only appreciates high design aesthetics of its IT products, but also that these support the eco-system of servers and applications used in this industry.  The MatrixStore provides high levels of data protection and search via its own GUI.

Object Matrix was established in 2003, with first shipment in 2006. The solution is object based and supports its eco-system via open APIs.

Image credit: ell brown

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