MEM 10: Actions for the day after the event

Having delivered a successful event, you may think you can now relax. 

However, there are still things to do. First, you need to write—or, better, get your CEO to write—to thank all your speakers and sponsors. You should follow up with the press, to make sure that they have all that they need. It can also be helpful to hold a project ‘wash-up’, to help with next year’s event.

However, there is more. Modern events do not stop once everyone has left. The conversation continues on social media, and it pays to be part of that. You can keep up the momentum by sharing Twitter Moments or other round-ups to showcase the best of the event (and there is more about this here), or retweeting mentions and sharing blog articles about the event.

And finally, of course, there is one more thing to do: mark your diary for next year’s event!

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