KPN international is a Dutch telecommunications company founded in 1893 under the original name of PTT. It was later privatised and changed to become KPN in 1989. The company is known for its landline and mobile telecommunications services, and it has various specialisations that cover all aspects of networking. KPN offers 4G services, as well as an Internet of Things (IoT) that it claims to be an all-in-one solution for your data needs. 

They have a carrier neutral approach to the cloud, making them a top choice in the competitive cloud computing market of the modern era. They offer private, virtual private and public servers, as well as international colocation for businesses large and small. KPN offers services for network providers too, and even has its own API store.

They offer global SD-WAN and multicarrier IP VPN for swift site integration and an all-round simple approach to data management. They believe sustainability to be extremely important, and they take an innovative approach to networking problems and offer Smart Reporting to keep you up to date with your data in an efficient manner. 


KPN is headquartered in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but it has a reach across Europe. It employs nearly 20,000 people across its business, made up of 10 data centres spread over the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and other countries further afield. In terms of power, its Eindhoven data centre is powered by 100% renewable sources, but it is unclear if this will be implemented in any of the others.

Its reach is mainly European, and the majority of its customers are in its home nation. For this reason, it has a highly localised influence versus some of its competitors such as T-Mobile, which has a very global reach. 

Business and Revenue

The company does well financially, with estimated revenue of €6.5 billion in 2017. It has a profitability rate of around 5%, making it one of the more profitable companies in the cloud world. KPN’s high performance caught the eyes of the bosses at GTT Communications, and there is a deal to be finalised at the end of 2019 where GTT will buy KPN for €50 million.

Most of the company’s business comes from the Dutch communications market, where they have over 6.3 million fixed-line telephone customers. Across the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France their mobile division has around 33 million subscribers, meaning they truly are a European stalwart of the mobile data industry. Their internet services are provided to 2.3 million people, making their specialisation overwhelmingly their telecommunications service.

They conform to ISO 27001 and have several blog posts on their website with helpful advice on how to keep your information safe. 

Strong Localised Network

KPN International has built itself into the biggest internet service provider in the Netherlands, and through its specialisation into both the mobile and landline telecommunications industries it has gained for itself millions of loyal customers. The company has become a truly versatile giant, and one that has tried its hand at everything from 4G and other internet services all the way to cloud data and private network services. 

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