GTT Communications was founded in 1998, and since then they have provided an extensive suite of cloud services, with a focus on three basic traits of their business; simplicity, speed and agility. This helps them to bring a reliable and innovative service to all of their customers, and they have a wide range of specialties including Ethernet and IP transit, as well as cloud networking solutions and managed security services.

Their data centres operate on a carrier-neutral basis, making it a more favourable option for consumers due to the absence of limited bandwidth and potentially high, stubborn prices. They will also provide bespoke, customisable data centres for their customers upon request, offering private builds for those who require large turnkey solutions. They provide end-to-end data management solutions for their customers, and they have a Unified Communications suite that combines some of the most advanced cloud technology whilst keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently for their users.

Their effort to provide as wide a range of services as possible is one that sets them apart from some of the other giants in the industry, and they also offer some more niche packages for PCI compliance management and MPLS IP-VPNs. The company operates a global tier 1 internet network over 600+ PoPs, as well as three subsea cable systems. The network has a recorded reliability of 99.999%.


GTT Communications is headquartered in Mclean, Virginia. The company is big on globalisation, operating in over 140 countries with around 200k endpoint devices under their management. They have data centres in the US and Europe, with 15 in total across countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Sweden and the UK. The data centres themselves are all protected by on site security, and they boast Nx100G global capacity. 

Customers and Revenue

GTT’s customers are large companies; it claims to sell to 6 of the top 10 global companies, 9 of the top 10 telecom suppliers and 8 of the top 10 technology firms. Its revenues are split 70:30 between large enterprise and telecom clients and 60:40 between the USA and international markets.

Revenue for GTT increased by 80% in 2018, rising to over $1.4 billion. Their adjusted EBITDA also grew by nearly 64% to $363.1 million versus that of 2017, although it is still making net losses.

On December 2nd 2019 GTT finalized its acquisition of KPN International for €50 million, which will help it become a more global supplier as a result.

Security and Ethics

In terms of security standards, GTT conforms to ISO 27001, 9001, 20000 and 14001 across their data centres. In Germany, they conform to BSI Grundschutz, which covers a range of organisational, technical, infrastructural and personnel aspects. They also conform to FINMA in Switzerland and PSN in the UK.

Their approach to ethics can be found on their website, and they abide by their own code of business conduct. You can also find all of the members of their governance committee on their website too. 

A Communications Giant

GTT have made several notable acquisitions in recent years, buying Interoute (which itself had bought Easynet, a managed service provider, in 2015) in 2018 for $2.3 billion. They made big acquisitions every year prior to that from 2011, buying companies such as Megapath and UNSi, through 7 deals worth a total of around $900 million. With such huge growth in revenue in the past year, GTT Communications is sure to remain a strong force in the market of cloud data services.

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