In the course of our market scans, we came across goBalto. Since 2008 the company has been serving the clinical trials community with its platform that helps evaluate and manage potential drug development partners. In two years, goBalto has attracted the attention of 15,000 research sites. The magic sauce? We think it is the aggregation of functionality and content.

goBalto’s platform comprises two parts:
Tracker – clinical trial management software, delivered as a service, targeting the start-up phase. Trials managers today have to either depend on site-specific IT systems, or work off spreadsheets. By targeting the tricky study start-up phase, goBalto is tapping into strong but latent demand.
Directory – constantly updated compilation of investigative sites, clinical research organisations, pre-clinical researchers, contract manufacturers, consultants and conferences.

By aggregating these usually disparate elements together, goBalto is serving clinical trials professionals in a more meaningful way. At Rainmakers, we are taking a big bet on these aggregators. In our go-to-market evaluation lens, we call out the aggregator segment as the kingmakers in the evolving information and communication technology industry. Aggregation can apply across the technology spectrum, or with job related content as we see with goBalto.

Image credit: Puni Rajah

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