Efficiency is a goal which IT people continuosly pursue. We see effiency spanning into many areas beyond carbon footprints and energy savings. Energy efficiency is indeed a central and very noble area, but efficiency involves many IT practices. We’ve chosen Resource Efficiency as one of our key themes. When we evaluate the vendors we will assess how well they address the different aspects of the efficiency palette:


  • Crowdsourcing – the ability to interact with a large group has redefined how organisations communicate. Customers’ IT teams need to respond to empower marketing and sales departments as well as suppliers and partners.
  • Stake holders –  an organisation needs rapid decision making. Identifying the right stakeholders and facilitating routes of communication is key and vendors need to build supportive platforms.
  • Energy – IT which is designed to consume less energy of manage resources better
  • Transparency: vendors who help illuminate the choices in weighing up multiple options in cost and outcomes

Image Credit: andrea.pancelli

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