Accessing customer budgets effectively requires both science and arts disciplines. Success factors in marketing and sales have flexed as budgets sources and flows have evolved. Alignment of technology capabilities, brand messages and market segmentation is tracked in our go-to-market research theme.

The vast range of strategies and channels can make comparison impossible. However, in a cloud dominant era, we call out the aggregator segment as the kingmakers of future technology vendors. Vendors who have not invested to be aggregators, or targeting aggregators, will experience lower growth.

During this early phase of our index development, we are prioritising the following lenses:

  • Messaging – we look for clear and honest information to empower customers in their decision making
  • Self-service – an increasingly transparent business environment calls for support options to empower customers self-qualify. This level of efficiency ensures better resource models for the vendor too.
  • Distribution – Effective routes for products and services to find users ensure speed to market
  • Aggregators – Elevating and exploiting aggregators to expand reach and delivery

We expect these lenses to be honed over time. We look forward to your feedback as we rake through the go-to-market stances of a few hundred ICT market players.

Image source: Puni Rajah

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