euNetworks is a company that specialises in providing customised bandwidth infrastructure and fibre optic network solutions to businesses across Western Europe. Infrastructure products include Internet, Ethernet, Dark Fibre and Wavelengths, and all services are scalable to meet the demands of small, growing and large businesses. In addition to bandwidth infrastructure, euNetworks owns its own fibre networks, over which it connects more than 260 major European datacentres.

euNetworks offers colocation services that complement its bandwidth and network services. It owns and operates 27 Tier 2 centres in Germany and has access to Tier 3 ‘space’ in Amsterdam. These colocation services are predominantly aimed at ISPs and carriers to support their larger networks and offer 24/7 monitoring, a 24hour emergency power supply and between 99.95 and 99.99% SLAs. As well as ISPs and carriers, euNetworks also specialises in the Wholesale, Media and Finance industries and offer high capacity bandwidth and data centre services that are tailored to meet the particular demands of those businesses.

euNetworks is headquartered from London in the UK and has further branches in Dublin, Amsterdam and Singapore. euNetworks also operates three German offices in Frankfurt, Hannover and Munich. It provides high speed and high bandwidth broadband in 13 major cities across 5 countries via its own Metro Wavelengths service, and offers Long Haul wavelengths, a high capacity backbone network, which brings connectivity to 45 cities across 10 countries.


euNetworks is resident in a number of data centres in the UK and Europe that offer a range of environmentally friendly and green energy options, including renewable energy power sources. These centres include the 2014 built London2, which was reportedly the first new UK data centre to employ indirect fresh-air evaporative cooling technology. euNetworks also occupies multiple spaces in Interxion, a Europe-wide data centre chain that makes green energy a core part of their services and claims to generate 90% of its power from sustainable sources.

Funding/Business Model

euNetworks Group Limited was established in 2002. The company is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and has been since 2000 under the name Global Voice Group (formerly Horizon). There is also a German subsidiary – euNetworks GmbH and a very recent Swiss edition, euNetworks S.A. (formerly Fibre Lac). The company achieved record sales in quarter 2 of 2015 and predicts significant future growth. That prediction is based on growing demand for high bandwidth infrastructure in an industry that presents very high practical, financial and legislative barriers to entry.


euNetworks works with a number of established technology partners, particularly data centres, in order to offer its infrastructure services. These include the recent implementation of Ciena’s 200G solutions to offer bigger bandwidth capacity in and around London Docklands, the UK’s business and financial centre, and the supply of dark Fibre to Virtus Data Centres Ltd for London2. High profile clients of euNetworks include Vodafone, China Unicom, Telehouse8 and SITA Airport.

Steady expansion

euNetworks is expanding slowly and steadily through acquisition and organic expansion. It takes up data centre space in strategic locations to serve the financial and media community, and chooses centres that offer environmentally friendly energy policies and the latest technologies. As a metro network owner, euNetworks offers that extra level of network security that third party network users cannot offer. And whilst euNetworks is mainly geared towards serving carriers, ISPs and the financial and media industries, it also offers a big range of scalable services to smaller companies, and businesses operating in other industries.

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