Euclyde designs, builds and operates high density data centres in France. It also offers consultancy services to data centre and business owners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Euclyde’s services range from designing bespoke computer rooms to overseeing complete data centre development. Within its own data centres, Euclyde offers secure, high density colocation and cloud services suitable for business continuity, managed services and infrastructure/hardware hosting.

Modular data centre design means clients can grow within Euclyde, starting with as much or as little space as is required from quarter racks all the way up to private suites. A vendor neutral policy allows clients to bring in their own equipment or lease hardware from Euclyde.

Cloud hosting services are flexible tailored to individual clients, which means the ‘cloud’ can grow with business demands and resources are ‘virtually’ limitless. Cloud services are highly flexible – customers can choose from private, public or hybrid clouds, all of which are connected directly into the organisation’s physical infrastructure.

In April 2015, Euclyde launched ‘SpeedLink’, its own ‘local loop’ fibre optic network which offers connections between 1 – 40 Gbps. It is designed for local businesses, particularly those that want to connect securely into Euclyde’s data centre network and forms a loop between DC1 and DC3.


Euclyde is headquartered from Sophia Antibes on the south coast of France between Nice, Antibes and Cannes. The company owns three data centres which are carrier neutral and are connected to each other over a fast private fibre network. They are all located near to major roads and airports and enjoy local low latency fast fibre network infrastructure and a choice of multiple carriers.

Antibes Sophia Antipolis (DC1) is France’s first ever tier IV data centre and Euclyde’s head office. It covers 3000 square metres of floor space and offers high density infrastructure including High Power Computing (HPC) and high per-rack power capacities. The centre offers 2N redundancy for cooling, 1N for power, comprehensive fire detection systems, strict access security and extensive back up protocols in the event of failure or disaster. A brand new hosting room offering 75 new bays was opened up in DC1 in September 2015 as part Euclyde’s growth and investment strategy

Data Centre number 2 (DC2) is the ultra-green Besançon near the Swiss border. It is a tier III data centre and covers 600 square meters of floor space. Like data centre 1, Besançon benefits N1 redundancy on power and extensive fire prevention precautions, including VESDA (Very Early Stage Detection Apparatus). It was a joint venture between Euclyde and Neo Telecoms and is sometimes referred to as NeoClyde.

Valbonne Sophia Antipolis (DC3) is situated close to Nice and is Data Centre number 3. It is tier III+ and offers a similar profile to one and two, with 2N redundancy on cooling. It is the newest addition to Euclyde’s data centre network and is situated in close geographic proximity to the Antibes centre.


Euclyde is keen to make use of innovative technologies that cut energy use, energy costs and CO2 emissions. Besançon, for example, was the first ever data centre to utilise EcoBreeze Air Economisers as a cooling solution. This technology can switch between air-to-air and indirect evaporative heat exchange to maximise cooling efficiency and provides consistent cooling with low energy use.

Euclyde is signed up to the European Union’s Code of Conduct for Data Centres Energy Efficiency and also partnered with French energy giant EDF in 2012 in a scheme called ‘kWh Équilibre’. That means that for every unit of energy that Euclyde uses, EDF adds one unit to the grid generated from renewable sources. This participation also results in funding toward sustainable energy research.

Funding/business model

Founded in 2004, Euclyde SA is a subsidiary of Telecom & Technology France, a French simple joint stock company.

Euclyde has seen steady growth over recent years, with current growth thought to be around 40% per annum from 37% in 2012.

Customers and partners

Euclyde does not openly advertise its clients but does state that it has clients in the transportation, pharmacy, banking, insurance and consulting industries.

A solid, scalable option with some good features

Euclyde offers everything a standard business could really need from a data centre. For businesses and organisations operating in the south of France, Euclyde data centres are well equipped, secure and located in easy access areas.

With high density power options, the new fibre loop and a good range of scalable, flexible services, there are few reasons not to choose Euclyde.  Add to the mix the continued investment in infrastructure, data centre space and technology and it is clear Euclyde is here not only to stay but to grow too.

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