Etix Everywhere is a Luxembourg-based company that offers two distinct data centre services – colocation and smart data centres. Its colocation services are all provided from carrier neutral data centres in strategic locations in Europe and Africa. Smart data centres are bespoke, modular data centres created on demand by Etix at a location decided by the client.  Both services are aimed at larger companies with big budgets.

Colocation services offered by Etix are scalable. Businesses can commission as little as one full server rack or buy a private suite. For companies looking for a data centre within a data centre, Etix offers dedicated IT rooms fitted out to customer specifications.   All of Etix’s data centres, including the modular builds, are standardised, so it doesn’t matter where in the world a business takes up space, all aspects are the same including price and SLAs.

The turnkey modular data centre solution designed by the Etix team can be deployed in as little as 16 weeks and fitted out to exact customer specifications. These are designed for larger companies that want to own an Etix-standard, facility rather than rent space.  Ideal for businesses handling sensitive data or requiring hundreds of racks, the modular system is a fast and cost effective way to buy a next generation data centre without going through the upheaval and expense of the traditional route.


Etix Everywhere is registered and headquartered in Luxembourg. It has five data centres already open and operating in Paris, Sables d’Olonne, Lille and Amiens in France, Casablanca in Morocco and Dakar in Senegal, West Africa. It also has four more which are currently under construction, including in the UK and Germany, and has plans to open even more in the coming years.

All data centres have a guaranteed 99.995% uptime (tier-IV) and offer intelligent climate monitoring. Security is good, with 24 hour CCTV, remote monitoring, intrusion detection and security staff onsite at all times. There are also multiple levels of fire and gas detection and suppression, including units with algorithmic sensors.

Redundancy on power and cooling is excellent, with three independent power sources instead of the usual two. The load is spread over the three sources continuously, so that if one breaks down the other two take over and split the new load.


Etix Everywhere strives to lower its Power Usage Effectiveness and carbon footprint where possible. It currently offers a PUE lower than 1.3 by utilising free air cooling across three chillers, self-regulated CRAC units and the use of cold corridors throughout the server spaces.

One of the founders of Etix also revealed an interesting take on energy efficiency. Data centres that last longer, he believes, have a reduced impact on the environment.  Etix futureproofs its data centres in order to reduce the longer-term energy costs of premature obsolescence, and heats 40,000 homes in Bobigny with excess server heat from its Paris data centre.

Funding/business model

Etix Everywhere was established in 2012 by two young French entrepreneurs. Their vision was to bring simplicity and visibility to the data centre market by building standardised colocation facilities and modular, on-site customer-defined data centres.

Etix now has its eye on the UK and German data centre market and has secured €15 million from two investment groups (InfraVia and Tiger Infrastructure Partners) to open data centres in each location during 2016. Recent investments have been in emerging markets (West and North Africa) with more builds planned for the future in similar locations and it has more recently set its sight on the US market.

Customers and partners

Etix Everywhere has a respectable client list so far, with Societe General, Intermarche, BULL, Ethernet Bank and STIME/Les Mousquetaires.  It aims to target the financial and banking sector in Morocco, and continue to focus on the blue chip sectors in all target markets for the modular data centres.

An expanding presence

Etix Everywhere is trying to accomplish what all markets eventually aspire too – a level of simplification and standardisation that improves transparency and services whilst lowering costs. It has an unusual game-plan of concentrated expansion into West and North Africa, yet so far the profits are coming in and the clients are signing up.

Etix is on a major expansion drive at the moment and has ambitious plans to enter the UK and German data centre markets where competition is already fierce. Despite that competition, the service is still likely to appeal to mid-sized to large companies looking for dedicated data centres providing it can offer something in addition to what is already available.

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