bluesCase study interviews for our storage hypervisor study are in full swing now, and we have segmented targets into enterprise users and aggregators. Equinix is one of our aggregator targets, and as we complied desk research on the company, we found a few striking features of its go-to-market worth highlighting.

Robust growth
In February the company reported full-year revenue growth of 32% to $1.61bn, with margin improvement to 46%. Its portfolio ranging from co-location services, interconnect and vertically-targeted platform services based on its global network of data centres are proving popular with performance sensitive customers. Last month, BT selected Equinix for global roll-out of its Radianz venue services that enable managed hosted solutions. Equinix’s ability to attract wholesale datacenter customers like BT and “retail” datacenter customers like Bloomberg make its addressable market more resilient against headwinds.

Aggregation masterclass through Equinix Marketplace.
Last October, the company launched its data centre services trading platform for its more than 4,500 partners, customers and suppliers to do business with each other. This marketplace connects companies that are in the business of buying and selling bandwidth and storage for web sites. Available marketplace statistics include 800 software-as-a-service cloud providers, 700 backbone and mobile networks, 450 online media, content and ad sites, and 600 electronic trading and financial market participants. We are so impressed we will be spending time on this platform to better understand the trading dynamics. Contact Puni if you have specific queries for her to explore.

Recognising cloud players and IT services companies as a separate industry segment
Equinix targets seven vertical segments with tailored marketing programmes and sales resources; Federal Government, Networks, Mobility, Financial Services, Enterprise, Content & Digital Media and Cloud & IT Services. By focusing on serving the specific delivery needs of IT services firms, Equinix is positioning to profit from the coming disruption to traditional outsourcing contracts.

Mature thought leadership orchestration and delivery.
In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, customers are hungry for guidance from trusted sources. The notion of brands as publishers is gathering momentum, and ROI on investments in content marketing is high. The Equinix corporate blog, InterConnections, is one of the best we have seen. Their bloggers’ deep domain knowledge and distinctive personal styles are  co-ordinated in one place for easy navigation. Many ICT vendors can do worse than look to InterConnections for thought leadership presentation tips.

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