DTS Systeme specialises in delivering tailored cloud computing services and IT security to the small and medium sized business sector in Germany. The company prides itself on ensuring that choices remain with the client at all times on the services they require, and ensures that where possible, DTS services are fully integrated with existing customer systems.

DTS core service menu covers consulting with particular emphasis on cloud, customised data centre solutions either in the data centre or on premises, cloud provision on site and on client premises and the provision of a range of business software and systems such as data centre management software and CRM.

In September 2015, DTS Systeme made 26th place in the Computerwoche Best Data Centre Provider 2015 in its revenue class, and aims to hit the top ten in 2016.


DTS Systeme GmbH is headquartered in Herford, North West Germany and operates five further offices in Hannover, Berlin, Bochum, Hamburg and Bremen. DTS owns two of its own carrier neutral data centres directly, one of which is located in Herford and the other in Hamburg. Via daughter company ICS Media, DTS also has access to a third data centre in Münster.

Combined, the DTS data centres offer more than 1800 servers across 244 racks, and has seven distinct fire zones within a space of 1200 m². All three data centres operate 24/7 and are manned by local staff.  Redundant UPS and back up diesel generators ensure emergency power supplies are always available and a similar level of redundancy is provided on cooling.

Access to the data centres is heavily controlled, with almost all doors requiring authentication, CCTV surveillance and the option to buy extra security measures in private areas. Connectivity options are many and varied and include three-point entry fibre broadband and 10 Gbit backbone connections.


DTS recognised the implications of cloud provision on energy use back in 2011 and invested in a new cooling system, installed in 2012, that promised a 75% reduction in energy costs.  The new cooling system combines free air cooling with new lower energy turbo compressors that kick in above 11 degrees and take over at over 14. Anything below those temperatures and free air cooling is utilised alongside, or instead of, mechanical cooling. Cabinets were also fitted with variable fans that adjust power to cooling requirement automatically during the same upgrade.

Funding/business model

DTS Systeme GmbH is the founding business of the four complimentary companies owned by holding company DTS IT AG. DTS IT AG is in turn owned by MBB, which acquired its 80% stake in 2008 from a German media company. The remaining 20% stake is owned by the DTS management team.

ICS Media was acquired in 2010, and distributor sister company eld datentechnik was brought on board in 2011. The most recent acquisition was ACoN-IT GmbH, an Austrian IT security company.

In 2014 annual turnover for DTS IT AG was €34.3 million, up from €20 million in 2010.  It is pursuing a buy-and-build strategy under the ownership of MBB and hopes to dominate the German market in tailored cloud and IT infrastructure solutions.

Customers and partners

Along with its sister company ICS Media, DTS Systeme delivers cloud, IT security and infrastructure services to 750, and growing, customers. High profile clients of DTS include KKH, Navico and the German Doctors publishing company.

DTS is a diamond partner of PaloAlto Networks for corporate firewalls. It won the PaloAlto Partner of the Year award in 2014 and is one of very few diamond partners in the European regions. It is also silver partner to Check Point Software Technologies Ltd and Citrix Systems GmbH and a gold partner of HP.  DTS also enjoys partnerships with Cisco, eco, iTernity, Microsoft and others.

A promising proposition for the German market

DTS is a growing company that has plans to dominate the cloud provision and IT security market in Germany. Its services are narrow and specialised, but for companies seeking those specific services, DTS offers expertise, choice and reliability.

DTS takes a partnership approach to delivering its products and services and that is likely to be reflected in the cost – this is no budget cloud provider chasing the market down alongside Amazon and Google.  Instead, DTS aims its services squarely at the medium sized business sector in Germany – companies like DTS itself that prefer a more personal, guided and tailored approach to managing their cloud requirements.

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