Druva Software is a 4 year old company launched in India to deliver smarter laptop backup and recovery. Its central premise is that Druva is capable of minimising the backup process. The desire to provide Disaster Recovery to mobile computers is as pertinent as it is for the fixed IT resources permanently connected to a LAN. The problem has been how to perform the backup process while being on the move. In fact, many IT backup policies have specifically dictated the use of placing certain folders on so-called home drives, because backing up PC laptops was viewed as impractical.

One key problem is that of network speeds and the paucity of being connected across a wireless network. The Druva InSync client connects to a centrally located InSync server and traffic is minimised through de-duplication and WAN optimisation. The likelihood of de-duped instances increases by the size of the organisation which is likely to share the same files and hence Druva is aimed at corporate organisations. Druva’s technology also boasts Continuous Data Protection (CDP), encryption and bare-metal-restore.

Druva also has added another backup solution called Phoenix which performs backup of remote and branch office servers. Users of iPhones and iPads who have an InSync server can buy apps on Apple iTunes.

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