Dinahosting S.L. is a Spanish company that offers web hosting, domains, dedicated servers, VPS, cloud hosting and server housing to businesses and individuals around the world.

Unusually for a hosting company, Dinahosting develops its own platforms and software, removing the need for third-party support and updates. It also means Dinahosting can tweak the software in-house to meet the individual needs of its clients. Dinahosting also offers standard software like cPanel so that clients who worry about compatibility or usability can choose an off-the-shelf option if they wish.

Dinahosting’s dedicated servers and server housing offering is flexible and scalable, and available on a pay-as-you-use contract. Every unit rented for housing comes with an IP and 115kw power, with more available on demand.  Access to equipment is by appointment only, supervised and only available during working hours.

Managed and non-managed cloud services are based on the RealCloud platform and are also pay-as-you-use. Dinahosting also offers a huge range of additional services that can be tagged onto the main contract, such as Storm migration, extra storage and backups.

Dinahosting provides connectivity through four different independent carriers at either 100Mbps or 10gbps, and uses BGP to ensure the shortest connection route. It also offers short rerouting times where a node fails to resolve, and an average latency of 0.2ms. Uptime is 99.99% and Dinahosting even go so far as to offer refunds for its failure to meet SLAs.


Dinahosting headquarters are in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. It owns none of its own data centres, but does rent more than 233 square meters of space for 1400 servers in the highly regarded Interxion data centre in Madrid.

Madrid Interxion offers very high levels of redundancy in power and cooling, including two independent power supplies, battery powered UPS and N+1 diesel generators. CCTV, Biometric data readers and access cards prevent unauthorised entry and are supported by a perimeter fence, man traps and security staff.  The centre also benefits from VESDA early fire detection alarms and early flood detection, and was awarded ISO 27001 for Information Security Management.


Both Dinahosting and its data centre landlord Interxion put a high value on sustainability, reducing carbon emissions and cutting energy costs and waste. Interxion Madrid obtains 90% of its power requirements from sustainable sources and offers residents the option of buying 100% of their energy from sustainable sources. All clients get cold aisle containment as standard too.

Interxion as a business is packed with green credentials, including advisory membership of the Green Grid organisation. Dinahosting also has its own sustainability policy, part of which includes donating old equipment to people in disadvantaged areas, and choosing companies with equally robust green policies as partners.

Funding/business model

Founded in 2001, Dinahosting is a privately held limited liability company. It has enjoyed phenomenal growth in recent years and has averaged a 20% YOY increase in turnover. It almost doubled its 2010 gross sales in 2014. In 2014 Dinahosting turned over EUR 12 million and employed 89 people. It has more than 121,000 customers – up from 55,600 in 2010, and hosts more than 2000 dedicated servers.

Dinahosting receives no public funding or investment, and invests almost EUR 1 million of its own funds into research and development each year.

Customers and partners

Dinahosting has over 121,000 customers worldwide, most of whom are based in Spain (90%) and the USA and UK (6% and 0.9% respectively). The vast majority of Dinahosting’s clients are buying hosting services with only a small segment using VPS, Cloud, housing and dedicated servers.

Dinahosting’s technology partners include Interxion data centre, Cisco, Debian, Xen and Microsoft and its servers are purchased from Dell.

A service oriented smaller company with big plans

Dinahosting is a relatively small but dynamic web hosting company that is growing quickly and organically thanks to its investment in technology and customer service

Dinahosting has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. It is focused on energy efficiency, recycling, donating to disadvantaged communities and it actively collaborates with a charity that enables people with intellectual disabilities to live independently.

Its service credentials are just as impressive. It has a very large and growing customer base and is continually expanding its service offering, particularly into the cloud and dedicated server/VPS areas. Part of its appeal is certainly that it is based in Interxion Madrid’s trusted datacentre. Its offering of rack space and cloud services gives small businesses and start-ups access to a state-of-the-art data centre and reliable infrastructure that would otherwise be out of reach.

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