Data Facilities BV is the data centre branch of US/Dutch ISP Netrouting. It offers a selection of colocation and hosting services, including cloud computing, dedicated servers and high power density hosting. Data Facilities also uses its Netrouting expertise to offer networking solutions and business continuity via its ‘twin data centres’ service, with private intersite connectivity available over Data Facilities’ managed Ethernet network.

Where Data Facilities differs from other data centres in its category is that it caters for the smallest of businesses by offering off-the-shelf data centre packages. These bundles are designed to appeal to businesses that simply aren’t in the market for bespoke solutions or ‘on request’ pricing. These start at €99 per month for a quarter racks with 11 units for small companies to a full cabinet with 47 rack units for €299 per month. All of these options come with 5mbps bandwidth, 10 or 16 Amp breaker, a choice of carriers and assistance with setting up. For really small-scale requirements, Data Facilities offers single server spaces via its in-house partners.

Companies with specific requirements are well catered for too, with all of those housing options available to them along with flexible terms and features. Bespoke solutions are available on everything from space allocation to connectivity, and managed services are on offer to for companies that want to completely outsource the day to day management of the equipment. All of this is backed up by Data Facilities’ 24/7 customer support service.


Data Facilities own four data centres in total, the main two of which are both in the Randstad area of the Netherlands.  Specifically, these are located in Spijkenisse near Rotterdam and The Hague, with back-up facilities for added redundancy in both Sweden and the US (Stockholm and Miami). Both Dutch data centres are carrier neutral, tier-1 and have connectivity options of between 100Mbit and 10Gbit.

Spijkenisse is the first data centre in Data Facilities Dutch arsenal. It rents the premises from Best Projects and Properties, having taken over the contract from DataHouse in 2012. The building was purpose built in the 1980s and features concrete walls, bulletproof windows and a newly renovated, highly secure data centre inside. The facility offers more than 11,000 square feet of computing space in a 48,000 square feet building. It is configured for N+1 redundancy in power and cooling, and has diverse fibre paths available on-site, as well as Metro Ethernet Services.

The Hague data centre is based in the former Vodafone premises and was opened in 2014. It has similar vital statistics to its sister in Spijkenisse, although it is smaller and offers 320+ GBPS scalable network capacity instead of Spijkenisse’s 240+ GBPS.


While Data Facilities doesn’t have a specific green energy policy, it does encourage tenants to upgrade equipment where possible to newer and more energy efficient models.

Funding/business model

Established in 2011, Data Facilities is a private, wholly owned subsidiary of Ellada Group BV, a holding company under which Data Facilities BV and Data Facilities The Hague BV are listed as two separate companies. All companies under Ellada Group BV are part of the Miami-Dutch company Netrouting, and are privately owned and privately funded.

Customers and partners

Data Facilities two data centres accommodate a range of Dutch businesses. IT Infrastructure consultancy Accept Systems is resident in The Hague alongside IT service provider Informatel, who use the twin data centre service.

Internet Service Provider Source XS, Maxitel telecommunications and Dutch international shipping company Wilhemson Ships Service are all located at the original centre in Spijkenesse.

An affordable option that caters well for businesses at the small end of the scale

Data Facilities has the capacity and infrastructure to cater to relatively large companies, but it is at the smaller end of the market where its services are likely to be most attractive.

Businesses seeking colocation space for mission-critical operations will probably be deterred by the tier-I certification, older building and lack of energy-efficient technologies that are abundantly available elsewhere.  Despite those drawbacks, Data Facilities’ affordable packages, hands-on support and prime business location in The Netherlands main business hub makes it a great choice for businesses looking for reliable data centre services at a reasonable cost.

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