Last week at IPEXPO we had the pleasure of being part of the Big Debate discussing if clouds will change the CIO mandate. It was a lively audience that put Ian Mitchell of Fujitsu, Mark Corley of Avanade and David King of Logica through their paces. We started by looking at how Fujitsu, Avanade and Logica were evaluating cloud options for their internal IT and moved through alignment, priorities and adoption lessons. More about the panel debate can be found here and here.

As is often the case, exchange after the formal panel is as interesting as the formal discussion. All three panelists were part of the customer facing CTO teams and spend most of their time engaging with high ticket customers. In this role, their responsibility is to apply broad thinking to solve problems and facilitate progress. They bring together deep technical knowledge, practical experience and the support of their respective organisations to make things happen. Probably the ultimate rainmakers?

How does your company recognise customer facing CTOs? How is the role defined and measured? What resources have you allocated to the CTO office?We are keen to hear about your adventures. Please contact Puni to explore how you can be part of our CTO exchange.

Image credit: The Rocketeer

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