Spearhead alumni programme – Spring 2016 edition

As analytics becomes more pervasive, the stakeholders have become more diverse. SAS marketing needs to be more agile in anticipating their wants and needs. Social media will play a critical role in reading this wider base of decision makers and influencers.

This alumni edition is designed to refresh some of the basics as well as challenge your ability to apply your storyline to unfolding IoT-driven opportunities.

There are three modules to this online edition:

  • Pulse – this should be a *walk in the park* and is really to get you into the groove of using an online supplement to the normal coaching calls.
  • Tempo – most of the notes here should feel comfortable as many of you have been consistent in your practice. There are a few new nuances to keep you interested.
  • Rhythm – there are a few new learning points here, and we have included pointers on adding the IoT *swing*

We look forward to building more focused coaching calls on the back of this online tool