We continue our series on data centre providers with a look at Coreix. Like Daisy Group, Coreix is focused on the business market, providing dedicated services, colocation and cloud hosting services to small, medium and large enterprises in the UK. Operating since 2003, all its facilities are based within the M25.

Coreix’s offer

The company aims to serve the rapidly growing London-based data centre and hosting market with flexible options tailored to customers’ needs. Its Managing Director, Alan Dean, has been with the company since 2004, starting as the Finance Director, and heavily implicated in its launch and initial bid for funding.

Coreix’s securely managed data centres provide a wide range of flexible services, whether customers want just one single dedicated server, or far more, up to and including managed multi-server clusters, secure cages, or private suites. There are staff on site at its data centres 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and customers can choose premium network bandwidth or point-to-point connections to a carrier of their choice. Services include cloud, remote or ‘smart hands’ services, dedicated servers, colocation and IP transit and connectivity. Coreix also offers bespoke solutions including technical support, consultancy and management.

Coreix has two main sites, in Enfield and London Docklands. Enfield is a Tier III+ data centre, Coreix’s flagship centre. It specialises in colocation and disaster recovery, providing a full range of colocation and managed services, with support from on-site engineers available at all times. London Docklands is a Tier III site, specialising in colocation and disaster recovery services. The site offers 24-hour availability, every day of the year.

State of the art technology

Like many data centre companies, Coreix aims to provide state-of-the-art technology and services. Unlike many others, however, this isn’t an idle boast, or one achieved by doing what everyone else is doing. Instead, Coreix is engaged in partnership working to deliver genuinely innovative services. Back in May this year, for example, Coreix announced that it had collaborated with Border 6 to provide a unique and superior network monitoring solution to customers. This service will analyse and monitor network activity, so that it can select the best network transit strategy to route traffic.

This sounds a simple idea, but it’s been a lot harder to deliver in practice. It will improve network availability and performance for Coreix’s customers. Given that Coreix has a 99.998% uptime record, one of the best in the UK, the suggestion that it can and should be improved is impressive. But it’s not just the uptime record that counts. The new service will also help engineers to identify real or potential problems with particular routes. The idea is to make downtime a thing of the past.

It’s great to see a company like Coreix not resting on its laurels, but continually striving for improvement, because it’s that hunger for improvement that keeps companies strong and successful, especially in a fast-moving business like data centre provision. Coreix’s customers obviously appreciate the way the company works too: Coreix has a feedback rating of 4.8 out of a possible five stars on Serchen, after 18 reviews. Even those customers that have not given Coreix five stars don’t appear to have anything negative to say about it, saying that they are ‘satisfied’ with the service, or that they have had a ‘great experience’ with Coreix. And while some are still quite new customers, at least one has been a customer for more than five years, and writes that Coreix has consistently delivered great support, and ‘excellent advice’, with a ‘world class’ network and back-up solutions.

A lot of very happy customers

Not one single customer comment gives Coreix less than four stars. In other words, that’s a lot of very happy customers. Which, given the tendency for unhappy customers to complain loudly on review sites, is surely testament to Coreix’s ability to meet its customers’ needs.

The secret of that success, according to Coreix, is a very strong focus on high levels of customer service. The company strives to give its customers what they want, in terms of level of service, and be flexible enough to respond to demand. It also tries to do so for the best price, and remain as cost-efficient as possible. Coupled with its continuous push towards zero downtime, and with customer support available at all times, it’s perhaps not too hard to see why Coreix has so many satisfied customers and continues to thrive in a very competitive market.

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