Welcome to Partner Cafe. This research, analysis, discussion and business model framework design service is the brainchild of Bart, Dominique, Dorthe and Puni. Our aim is to offer our Club members space to reflect. Through a mix of weekly research notes and carefully curated monthly roundtables, we offer our community front-row seats on market developments. Our channel fluidity index supports business model evolution as marketplaces are integrated into traditional channel programs.

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How vocal improv promotes collaboration

Vocal improv, short for vocal improvisation, is the act of creating music or soundscapes spontaneously, [...]

Reputation management in the partnering landscape

We know that there are many factors that can affect corporate reputation. We also know [...]

Navigating proximity bias in thought leadership

Proximity bias is the tendency to favour people, objects or ideas that are closest to [...]

Why thought leaders need to understand (and avoid) proximity bias

As we start to move more confidently through the world of remote and hybrid working, [...]

How has the thought leadership skills portfolio evolved?

Your domain expertise continues to grow as you work with clients to solve problems. Getting [...]

How has the marketing skills portfolio evolved? 

What are the most crucial skills for marketers to develop?  There are many possible answers [...]

Influencers in the reputation landscape

Influencers are people who influence the decisions of others. It sounds simple—but in marketing, the [...]

The value of customer success in reputation build

Personal reputation is everything that is known about you: the value you have created, what [...]