Pink ElephantCloudera is a vendor of an enterprise distribution of Hadoop. It also provides additional software as well as support, professional services and training.

Hadoop is an open source project developed by the Apache Software Foundation. We wrote about what the industry refers to as Big Data. The efforts behind Hadoop are demonstrating results and progress in processing data in new ways. The goal is to combine various data repositories and enable processing that goes beyond structured data of traditional data bases. In order to attempt this goal Hadoop set out to devise how to operate on distributed files across remote resources and how to bring those together. These ambitions are not trivial and the resulting Hadoop elements are: Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce.

Cloudera is actively contributing to the Hadoop efforts, but operates as a commercial vendor for enterprises who demand enterprise support and additional services. It is therefore both contributing to, as well as, benefiting from crowdsourcing. As a contributor it is well placed to offer services around deploying and supporting the Hadoop elements.

We are currently exploring our study schedule with a view to potentially assessing the growth of analytics in Data Intelligence and future collaborative efforts in Resource Efficiency. Please contact us if you wish us to pursue that.

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