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X-IO creates hybrid solid state and hard drives for high performance storage

X-IO's range of storage systems is based on its Intelligent Storage Element (ISE), which ditches [...]

Red Hat Gluster – scale-out storage without directory nodes

Red Hat has announced Storage 2.0 - the first commercial offering based on its acquisition [...]

Nicira and Citrix promote Open vSwitch for Open network virtualisation

As in other areas of virtualisation VMware got there first and many suppliers, aggregators and [...]

Red Hat goes after the Enterprise with Cloud and virtualisation

Red Hat has succeeded in becoming a $1 billion software company, with an Open Source [...]

NetApp at twenty

NetApp ran its annual industry analyst event last week at its HQ, and in this [...]

Dell Kace system appliances address cultural and business virtualisation needs

Kace takes a mid-market design point for its systems management appliances and has grown significantly [...]

T-Systems joins vCloud aggregator line-up

Last week, T-Systems and VMware announced their strategic partnership at the VMware vForum 2012 in [...]

Vyatta Pioneers Software-Based Networking – But Is This Hypervising?

Networking is the last of the 4 broad data centre equipment types to be virtualised [...]

Riverbed finds aggregators have different needs

We first reviewed Riverbed in our analysis of BT's Connect portfolio refresh. BT's network monitoring [...]

Expanding social capabilities might be’s best bet yet

Just as enterprise It infrastructures are achieving better performance and availability through new architectural options [...]

Symantec journeys through transitions

On May 2nd Symantec announced full year results for the year ending 31 March 2012, [...]

Michael Dell answers the vertical integration issue

We’ve featured Dell quite a bit on this site recently, including its homogeneous storage hypervisor [...]

Assessing Dell’s homogeneous storage hypervisor

In this research note we look at Dell’s version of storage hypervisors with a general [...]

Can acquisitions help Vodafone establish enterprise market momentum?

This week Vodafone made a recommended £1 billion cash offer for Cable & Wireless Worldwide [...]

IBM makes SVC heterogeneous – certifies hundreds of arrays

For storage hypervisors to be successful they need to allow users to manage storage as [...]

Dell’s storage services deserve more visibility

Dell's progress in services is praiseworthy. It inherited multiple capabilities and cultures from the various [...]

Centrix Software encourages you to think about the user – not the device

Centrix Software believes that in a typical company the top 10 applications account for 90% [...]

Logicalis aligns for global growth

Logicalis had a good year, growing by 25% to earn just over $1 billion of [...]

Serving aggregators helps Quest Software hone its portfolio

Quest Software supplies software tools for application management, database management, Windows management, virtualization management, and [...]

Acquisitions set pace for VMware’s consulting practice

We initially explored VMware’s consulting and education services as part of our storage hypervisor study. [...]

Minacs tests alliances and blended shoring for growth

Aditya Birla Minacs, more commonly know as Minacs, provides business and technology outsourcing. It is [...]

DataCore – consistently championing Storage Hypervisors

DataCore is storage software company which has remained steadfastly focused on storage virtualisation since its [...]

Accessibility and intelligence drive refresh at BT

BT is bullish about its Connect portfolio refresh. In addition to speed, availability, scope, security [...]

Xsigo – virtualising the server networking layer

Xsigo produces I/O directors and its mission is to upset the enterprise networking market. The [...]

VCE – Why a Separate Aggregator Company Makes Sense

VCE is a venture a little over 2 years old (originally named Acadia) between EMC, [...]

IBM and VMWare – A Storage Hypervisor Partnership

The partnership between these two suppliers is not widely known, despite IBM being VMWare’s largest [...]

TIBCO has $billion club membership in sight

TIBCO founder and CEO Vivek Ranadivé is betting big on timeliness. It is the premise [...]

Campbell Scientific demonstrates resource efficiency through automation

CSI is part of the broader control and sensor systems industries that have slowly become [...]

Unisys sustains viable operations support business

We see strong prospects for maintenance and user support providers in the medium term, as [...]

IBM – A Storage Hypervisor Vendor For Large Customers

>IBM is a supplier actively promoting the concept of storage hypervisors. We think it will [...]

Telecity proves aggregators are in demand

TelecityGroup today proclaimed bullish outlook for the rest of its financial year, underscoring the trend [...]

Centrix Software gains funding for US go-to-market push

Centrix software is a UK-based software company focusing on workplace discovery and helping companies prepare [...]

goBalto proves aggregators come in all sizes

goBalto serves the clinical trials community with its platform that helps evaluate and manage potential [...]

Dell Addresses Data Centre Resource Efficiency With Hotter Servers

Dell suggests improving resource efficiency by increasing operational temperatures and saving on expensive chillers. [...]

HP bids for Autonomy

HP announced its bid for Autonomy on August 18, 2011 at a whapping 78% premium [...]

IBM positioning for new generation IT buyers

We advise IBM and other suppliers to form specific strategies to become relevant to new [...]